Jimmy Fallon Plays Password With Emma Thompson and Special Guests

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has had some great guests this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Friday was no exception, as actress Emma Thompson was his first guest. Later in the episode, Fallon played Password with Emma and special guests Michael Cera (Arrested Development) and Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory). His second guest was the always hilarious comedian Dane Cook.

Jimmy Fallon began the Tonight Show with his always witty monologue. He welcomed his audience, who gave him a standing ovation. First, he made jokes the security officer in charge of the White House having resigned. He said that she had been a costumed character at Disney World, possibly Sleeping Beauty.

“Next week,” Fallon said, “Bill Clinton will head three political events in Arkansas to rally the Democratic base. When asked why, he said ‘It’s all about that base, about that base, about that base.”

He continued, saying “Scientists suggest that Pluto should be reclassified as a planet. Meanwhile, people on Earth say that scientists should not think so much about Pluto but should concentrate on curing Ebola!”

Then, Fallon did his weekly Tonight Show Superlatives comedy bit, where he showed football players on cards and said that they were voted Most Likely to be this or that. It was funny, but loses something if you cannot see the pictures along with what Jimmy Fallon said.

“Next Monday, for the first time ever, will.i.am. of the Blackeyed Peas will be on,” Fallons aid. He mentioned that he and will.i.am. recorded a song and he will do it on the show on Monday. Then, Fallon mentioned that Emma Thompson would be on the Tonight Show, and she will be playing Password with her and other celebs. He added that comedian Dane Cook would also be a guest.

Then, Jimmy Fallon did his humorous weekly “Thank You Notes” bit. James Posey played the keyboard. Jimmy said about Posey, who always tries to look stern and not laugh but was without a tie, “Maybe he’s mad someone stole his tie.” He and announcer Steve Higgins always try to get Posey to crack up and laugh.

“Thank you, cartoon ghosts, for showing people how happy they’ll be after they’re dead.”

“Thank you, pajamas, for being something that sounds like they were named by Bob Marley.”

“Thank you, bird nests, for being both a home for bids and an overpriced decorator bowl from Pier One.”

“Thank you, ponchos, for not being called ‘Rain Condoms.'” That ended Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” for tonight.

When the Tonight Show came back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, actress Emma Thompson. “Our first guest is Emma Thompson!” She recently wrote a book for children about Peter Rabbit. She danced with Jimmy Fallon as she walked onto the stage and The Roots played a cool song.

“You sent me one of the best “Thank You Notes” ever, and I sent you a gift basket.’

“It was hilariously large,” Emma said. She had drawn a picture of herself, her house, and the gift basket Fallon had given her and Jimmy showed everyone the picture.

“You went to the Arctic Circle over summer?” Fallon asked.

She told him that she had, with her daughter, on a mission to save the Arctic. Emma said “I know a person in Greenpeace, you see. They are the coolest people on Earth.”

“It wasn’t like Carnival Cruise?”

“No, it was very, very basic,” Emma said, adding that she even had to help clean up the ship they were traveling on.

“Thank you for this book, because it’s the third book ever written about Peter Rabbit,” Fallon said.

She told him “Yes,” and said that Peter Rabbit wrote her a letter asking he to write another book about Peter Rabbit, “with this in it,” she added, pulling out a small blue jacket that was also in the envelope.

Jimmy Fallon

“We will be back with Emma Thompson and special guests,” Fallon said, “to play Password!”

Back from another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon, Michael Cera, announcer Steve Higgins (serving as the host of Password), and Jim Parsons played Password. Parsons was Fallon’s partner.

Higgins explained the rules. Each player would just be given one clue to guess the word, but each team would then take turns giving clues until the word was guessed correctly. The first word was “Cruise.” Emma gave the clue “Leisure.” Cera did not get the answer. Fallon gave the clue “Tom,” but Jim Parsons also did not get it. Emma gave the same clue “Tom” and Cera said “Cat.”

Jimmy said “Suri,” like Tom’s daughter’s name. Jim Parsons said “Tom Jones?”

Emma then said “Tom,” and Michael Cera finally answered “Cruise.”

The next password was “Nerd.”

Cera said “Geek,” Emma said “Computer.”

Parsons said “Sheldon,” and Fallon answered “Nerd.”

A voice-over announcer said “The password is ‘Sausage.'” Fallon said “Bratwurst,” and Parsons answered “Sausage.”

“The password is ‘Sweater.'”

Michael Cera said “Angora.” Emma answered correctly “Sweater.”

The voice-over announcer said “The password is ‘Thong.'”

Jimmy Fallon said “Undies.” Parsons said “Panties.”

Emma Thompson said “Painful.” Cera said the correct answer, “Thong.”

“This is it! This determines the game!” Steve Higgins said. “The Password is ‘Pot.'”

Michael said “Marijuana.” Emma said “Nice! Wait — weed.”

Jim Parsons said “Ganja.” Jimmy Fallon answered correctly, saying “Pot,” so they won the game!

Jimmy Fallon

More commercials followed; then, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest of the episode, comedian Dane Cook. “Our next guest is one of the only comedians to ever sell out Madison Square Garden, please welcome Dane Cook!”

Dane Cook first joked about “love.” He said “It’s when you’re talking to each other like you’re pets. Also, when they call out your name there’s a certain musicality about it.” Then, he said “This is not love, when someone yells at you from the other side of the house.” He angrily yelled out some things that were pretty funny.

He then said: “I think it’s amazing women remember the exact moment they were in love. I’m a little embarrassed to tell you. Four months before we met…” It was an uber hilarious routine!

He joked about subjects like “Role Playing.” He said “The girl dress up like a princess, and the guy…dresses up like someone who wants to b**g a princess.”

Back from another break, Fallon interviewed Dane Cook. He thanked Cook for doing the comedy routine. Falon remembered that they broke into comedy basically together and played at the same clubs.

“Every set had to be A-game sets,” Cook said.

Then, Jimmy Fallon thanked Dane Cook once again for appearing on the Tonight Show. The show had ran out of time, so Jimmy Fallon was not able to talk with him any more than a couple of minutes.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was terrific this Friday, with guests Emma Thompson and the very funny comedian, Dane Cook. Also, the Password game, with special guests Jim Parsons and Michael Cera, was one of the show’s highlights. What a great way to kick off the weekend!

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC Universal Media Village