John Noble Goes From Brilliant Scientist to a Perfect Villain

NobleAfter Fringe TV series ended in 2013, several fans were anxiously waiting to see their beloved mad scientist back on TV screens. When the creators of Sleepy Hollow TV show announced that John Noble is joining the cast, his fans were probably not expecting to see him in such a different light. With his role of the Horseman of War, John Noble went from brilliant scientist to a perfect villain.

In Fringe, Noble played a brilliant, but also a little crazy scientist Walter Bishop. After he was institutionalized and locked away for many years, he became a part of Fringe division. With his special persona, Walter soon became very popular and Fringe fans simply adored him. It was something about this guy that made people love him and he tended to make the viewers laugh all the time. Many of them surely remember his quotes, Astrid’s several funny names and his love for LSD, of course. Walter Bishop was the kind of character that enlightened the room (a lab actually) as soon as he walked in. John Noble did an amazing job portraying Walter and when the show ended, his fans could not wait for him to come back on their TV screens.

Well, their wish came true very soon. On November 4, 2013, John appeared in Sleepy Hollow‘s sixth episode, titled The Sin Eater. And it was not a one-time appearance, since FOX announced that John Noble joined the cast as a full-time series regular. Noble’s character, named Henry Parrish, is first presented as the sin eater – a person who can take on the sins from other people. In this particular episode, Henry helped Ichabod and the viewers were excited to see him back on TV.

Well, throughout the entire first season, Noble did not appear a lot. However, in the season one finale, everything changed. The viewers found out that Henry is Ichabod’s son and also the Horseman of War. What a twist! Suddenly, John’s character was presented in an entirely new perspective. He was no longer that scared sin eater and he made it very clear that he is on Moloch’s side, not on the side of his parents, who abandoned him more than 200 years ago.

Suddenly, Henry became one of the villains in the show and may viewers were surprised to see him in an entirely different role, since in season one finale of Sleepy Hollow, John’s character left his father to die and he handed his mother to the Headless Horseman. When the show returned with its second season, Henry suddenly had a greater role. Actually, he is everywhere now. What more could a John Noble fan wish for?

There is no doubt that Noble is one of the best actors that the world of TV shows has ever seen. It is amazing to see how he can play all this different roles and how he can go from being so good to being totally wicked. The creators of Sleepy Hollow most certainly made a great choice when they decided to bring John Noble on board.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

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