Jude Law Announces Ex-Girlfriend Is Pregnant With His Fifth Child

Jude Law

Jude Law’s representative has announced that his ex-girlfriend, Catherine Harding, is pregnant with his fifth child. It will be the first for the two together, and is expected next spring.

His first three children are from his previous relationship with Sadie Frost. They are 12-year-old Rudy, 14-year-old Iris, and 18-year-old Rafferty. He also have five-year-old Sophia with Samantha Burke. Despite having so many children, he says that being a dad is important to him and he is present in all of their lives. The same will happen with this fifth child.

He and Harding may no longer be together, but they want the best for their baby. That means both being present, although all the logistics of their parenting have not been revealed. There are chances that the two are still working things out.

Last month, Frost shared a photo on Instagram with the caption “birthday season starts.” The picture was of her and Law, surrounded by their children. They were celebrating Rudy’s 12th birthday.

No other statement is expected from the 41-year-old actor and his ex-girlfriend about the new baby. This is going to be a private matter between the two of them, but they decided that an initial statement needed to be made.

The announcement has been a shock for many, as few people knew about his recent relationship with Harding. However, Harding is pregnant with Law’s fifth child, and there seems no doubt around that fact.

The Contagion actor has been linked to a number of women over the last few years, although regularly stated that he was single. The main relationship focus for the media was his on-off relationship with Sienna Miller, which now seems permanently off. The main issue for the two came in 2005, when he admitted to an affair with his children’s former nanny Daisy Wright. It ended their six month engagement.

Law admitted that fatherhood has been the best thing for him. It gave him the wakeup call that he needed at the time, and have a daughter has been the most heart-warming thing. He joked about how much love he felt when his daughter would break his will when it came to the morning. Despite regularly sleeping in until noon, he now does not mind getting up at 7am to give all the children breakfast.

While his marriage to Frost broke down, the two share custody over their three children to make sure he is always in their lives. The arrangement with Burke over their five-year-old daughter is not something the two have shared much about, but he is a constant presence in her life.

For the children, having a famous actor father has been the hardest part. This was especially the case for eldest boy Rafferty, who prefers to be called Raff. He admitted that everyone expected him to be great during his first drama class at his first boarding school. It turns out that acting is not his forte, but music and modelling are.

Despite now being separated, the 41-year-old actor will be a presence in his new baby’s life. Law’s spokesperson announced that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his fifth child, but that is all the news that the public will receive.

By Alexandria Ingham




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