Revenge: An Exclusive Sneak Peek Into David’s and Emily’s Reunion (Video)

RevengeRevenge marched into its fourth season with style and a lot of action. After the first three episodes, things are turning upside down in the Hamptons, however, the viewers are eagerly awaiting the moment of David’s and Emily’s reunion. Well, rejoice, the reunion is happening this Sunday, Oct. 19, and an exclusive sneak peek video (at the bottom of the article) is revealing the moment when Emily finally sees her father.

Season three of Revenge ended with a huge cliff hanger, as the viewers discovered that David Clarke is still alive and well. Furthermore, it looked like David is no longer the sweet man that the people in the Hamptons knew, since he stabbed Conrad Grayson and left him on the side of the road to die. In season four, David eventually approached Victoria, who is slowly turning him against Emily. The fact that David believes that his daughter Amanda is dead, makes the whole story even more complicated.

For all this years, Emily believed that her father died in prison and after they found out that David is still alive, the Revenge viewers were eager to see the two of them reunited. However, one of the biggest questions is how will Emily react when she will discover that her presumably dead father is still alive? Well, one of the reasons why David did not reach out to his daughter is because he is convinced that she is dead. However, he could find Amanda immediately after he got out of prison.

Before the premiere of Revenge‘s season four, it was speculated that David could turn against Emily in case Victoria gets to him first. Emily’s father could then be manipulated by Vicky, since she knows how to take control in difficult situations and is very good at taking advantage of vulnerable people. And this is exactly what happened when David reached out to Victoria. She immediately told David that Emily Thorne is a bad person and that she brought nothing but pain and misery to the Grayson family. Victoria managed to convince David that Emily is after Charlotte and this is the reason why he went to Grayson manor and wanted to kill Emily in episode three- The Ashes. However, Nolan got there just in time and David escaped.

In the sneak peek for the episode Meteor, Emily is at the police station where she has to identify her attacker in the police lineup. As five men slowly come in, David is also there, as number three. Emily appears to be very confused when she sees him and she tells the police officer that number three is the man who attacked her. After that, David is called to step forward and Emily is shocked when she sees her father standing there, alive and well.

It will be very interesting to see how things will develop between the two of them during season four, since Victoria currently has a hold over David and she successfully manipulated him into believing that Emily Thorne is an evil woman, who only wants to hurt her family. However, the viewers will finally get to see the reunion, which was highly anticipated from the moment that season three of Revenge wrapped up.

By: Janette Verdnik


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