Kate Middleton Second Baby Due Date Confirmed

Kate Middleton

The due date for Kate Middleton’s second baby has now been confirmed. It allows those speculating to find out how far she is currently along with her pregnancy.

Palace officials confirmed the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting her second baby with Prince William in September. The officials have now confirmed that the baby is due in April of next year, putting her currently at around three months pregnant. A specific date has not been shared.

Middleton continues to suffer from hyperemis gravidarum, which is severe morning sickness. The condition forced her to cancel a number of upcoming engagements or have her husband take her place. That would have led to speculation about her being pregnant, so it was likely easier for the palace officials to confirm her pregnancy before they would have initially liked to have shared.

Her morning sickness is starting to get easier, which was expected eventually. It was the same with her first baby, Prince George. It means that she can now travel short distances, and will be joining her husband back on her royal duties from tomorrow. The first will be in London where she and Prince William will welcome Singapore president Tony Tan Keng Yam. She is then expected to attend the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards at London’s Natural History Museum.

The officials confirmed the due date of Middleton’s second baby, and made it clear that there is only one. Recently, there have been speculations that the duchess is expecting twins. Some of the speculations came due to the amount of time she has been suffering from the severe morning sickness. She did not take as long off when she was expecting Prince George. In 2011, she was back on official visits just 13 days after being taken to hospital for her condition.

The second royal baby was announced on September 8. She has not made one official visit since, and there have just been reports about her going to her parents for constant care while she struggles with it. Some wonder whether this baby will be a girl due to the more severe morning sickness, based on an old wives’ tale that girls are worse during pregnancy.

The due date of April will make Prince George 21 months old when his younger sibling is born. It also puts the conception date to around his first birthday. It was around this time that Middleton and her husband spoke about trying for a second baby. If that really was the time that they started trying, it would suggest that they are highly fertile. This was a major benefit centuries ago, when infant mortality rates were high and there was little to no medical knowledge surrounding pregnancy and babies. This was also a time when having a “spare heir” was important, and often led to second babies becoming monarch.

Many will now want to bet on the exact due date. There will be some wondering whether the date will be around April 21, which is Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. So far, very little has been shared about the pregnancy, expect for the confirmation that Middleton’s second baby is due in April.

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