Lynda Bellingham Loses Battle With Cancer

Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham has lost her battle with cancer, just days after filming her final appearance on Loose Women. The British actress decided to stop receiving treatment for her colon cancer, knowing that she would likely lose the fight.

The TV personality decided that she did not want her family to witness the gruelling treatment she would have to go through. It was a tough decision for all, but one that only she could make. She reportedly died peacefully, and in her husband’s arms.

Bellingham was best known to the British public for her appearance in the OXO adverts on TV. She was also one of the panellists on Loose Women, a daytime TV show which discussed current events and entertainment news. She was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, and found out in July that it had spread to both her liver and lungs. It was after that that she found out just how difficult it would be to fight, and decided to stop the treatments.

Chemotherapy can be extremely taxing on the body, and she did not want her family to witness any of that. She preferred to have control over the rest of her life, and wanted some control over her death. She had been in hospital at the time of her death, and a statement was released shortly after for the family to thank the staff and nurses at the hospital for the care she received.

While Bellingham has lost her battle with cancer, there is still a performance to give. The 66-year-old had already filmed a appearance on Loose Women. It was an emotional appearance for all, including the members of the audience. During the program, which will be aired later this week, she spoke about her decision to stop treatment, knowing what it would mean for her and her family.

She has been an inspiration for women for many years. Last year, she was awarded with an OBE for her work in charity. Some of the campaigns she was involved in included against domestic violence, which allowed her to discuss her marriage to Italian businessman Nunzio Peluso. According to Dot Com Children’s Foundation co-founder Sharon Evans, Bellingham wanted to help people and did that right up until the day she died. The 66-year-old actress helped set up the charity with Evans.

Many celebrities have shared their condolences, including a number of Strictly Come Dancing professional dancers. The late actress showed off her dancing skills in the ballroom in 2009. Dancer James Jordon and presenter Philip Schofield are among the names that instantly tweeted their condolences.

Kaye Adams, presenter for BBC Radio 4, used some of her air time to talk about the passing of a good friend. The two had worked together on Loose Women in the past. Adams said that Bellingham brought a dynamism every time she was in the room. She made everyone feel better about their lives, and that is why so many will be thinking of her fondly.

There are many positive messages being shared about how much of an inspiration she was. Bellingham lost her battle with cancer last night, but her memory continues.

By Alexandria Ingham


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