Kentucky Democratic Candidate Lying About Coal, Campaign Staff Admit

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Kentucky Democratic Candidate Alison Grimes Lying About Coal
Everyone knows that, in Kentucky, you need to say nice things about the coal industry in order to get elected, but Democratic Senate Candidate Alison Grimes is lying about her support for the industry – and her campaign staff admit it.

In fact, one campaign worker revealed that she will very likely put an end to coal mining in Kentucky altogether.

Secretly filmed by an investigative journalist from Project Veritas Action, campaign workers for Grimes, who is challenging Republican Senator Mitch McConnell in the upcoming midterms, displayed scorn for Kentucky voters, admitted that Alison Grimes is lying in order to get elected and confirmed that the Democrat intends to destroy the Kentucky coal industry.

The video, uploaded to Youtube October 6, shows Grimes’ campaign staff discussing their candidate and her true feelings about coal; what was revealed is the direct opposite of what Grimes herself has been saying during her campaign. Speaking recently to a reporter, Grimes said “I’m going to fight for what keeps the lights on here in the state of Kentucky, and that is our coal industry.” However, a campaign staffer – when asked “do you think she [Grimes] is going to do the right thing and she’s gonna try to wipe out that coal industry and go for better resources?” – replied “I absolutely think she is.” Gina Bess, a member of the Fayette County Democratic Party Committee, appeared to be very dismissive of the state’s voters. In a clearly exasperated tone, also said “This coal issue is so stupid…there are too many people who go ‘coal is our livelihood’.”

The investigative reporter asked another staffer, Democratic operative Juanita Rodriguez, about her candidate’s claims of supporting the Kentucky coal industry. In response – and on video – Rodriguez explains “you know, she has to say because in Kentucky, if you don’t support the coal industry, you’re dead, politically…and I know that’s why she has to say that.” Rodriguez went on to say “But you know what? Politics is a game…I mean, it’s a lying game, unfortunately.” Ros Hines, another staffer, said “so she’s saying something positive about coal because she wants to be elected.”

During the same investigation, another prominent Grimes supporter, former Kentucky auditor Crit Luallen, admitted “…the truth is Obama’s regulatory policies have had the impact of totally restricting what coal can do…” Speaking of Grimes, Luallen said “…she’s got to do what she’s got to do to get elected.”

Grimes is running a very dirty campaign, to be sure; she appears in her own campaign ad holding a shotgun, yet she is in favor expanding background checks for firearms purchases. She falsely asserted that Senator McConnell had “quadrupled his net worth on the backs of hardworking Kentuckians that can’t afford it.” In reality, the massive increase in McConnell’s net worth is explained by an inheritance received by his wife, Elaine Chao.

There are currently questions about the Grimes campaign use of a fleet of SUVs, apparently supplied by a family business without the correct licensing required under Kentucky law.

The video from Project Veritas action leaves no doubt that the Democratic Candidate is blatantly lying about her support for the coal industry; even the most wily politician is unable to spin away such unambiguous, recorded statements from her own campaign staffers.

Opinion by Graham J Noble


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