Elizabeth Hurley on Breast Cancer [Video]

Elizabeth Hurley

In this month, October, which is also breast cancer awareness month, Elizabeth Hurley is spreading the news about how harmful breast cancer can be and urging every woman to get checked. With a full-on, planned campaign against breast cancer, Hurley is whipping out the big guns in the fight for awareness and only seven days into the month she has already made the headlines in spades. As she continues to take advantage of the month where everything turns pink, she too, has exploited the color to support a good cause, which she has done many years before.

Elizabeth Hurley is an actress who is known most for her role in the Austin Powers movies, though she is also known for movies like My Favorite Martian, Bedazzled, Serving Sara and more. Unfortunately, she is also well known as a woman who supposedly had an affair with former President Bill Clinton, though both denied the affair and eventually the man who started the rumor, Tom Sizemore, said that the story was made up. However, Liz is now being seen in a different light, one that she hopes will save lives. It is said that the key to the fight against breast cancer is early detection and Elizabeth is all about helping woman with that task.

In the past, Liz has also been known for sporting pink hair during her younger years, but now she is sporting pink in many more places. She began this month by spreading the news about her beloved grandmother who died from a battle with breast cancer. Though many already know that Liz lost her grandmother to this horrible disease, it never stops Elizabeth Hurley from telling the story again in hopes that women everywhere will hear the news and understand how important it is to get checked. Hurley says her grandmother passed away from having breast cancer in 1992. To the press, Hurley stated that it made her angry that she could not have done more for her grandmother. She said that back then woman did not know much about the disease and did not work to get early detection. Even after having a double mastectomy her grandmother still lost the fight. Hurley has posted on social media about her annual mammograms, stating that it is imperative that every woman get one annually after the age of 40.

Elizabeth Hurley has also admitted that she “bullies” her friends into having regular breast cancer screenings. She says she has even given mammograms as birthday gifts for women who can’t afford to pay for the screening. She urges friends and family to not be frightened to take action for prevention of breast cancer. She talks about how her grandma was scared to tell anyone about a lump in her breast and how that mistake cost her her life.

Elizabeth Hurley has also been the spokeswoman for Estee Lauder, as senior corporate vice president, Evelyn Lauder, recruited her shortly after her grandmother’s passing. Since then Elizabeth has spent many months, not just October, campaigning for breast cancer awareness and prevention for women. This month she has sported many pink outfits in support of breast cancer awareness. Their campaign’s documentary Hear Our Stories, Share Yours spotlights breast cancer survivors and encouraged woman to tell their story about a battle against breast cancer. The documentary showed several families speaking up about the disease and many of these families were in attendance with Elizabeth Hurley as it held its premiere. The trailer can be seen below and it shows many of the families who were featured at the event.

During the premier Elizabeth attended in style wearing an elegant pink dress with a pink clutch to match. Many attended Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, where the documentary was featured, but Elizabeth Hurley, dressed in pink, worked to stand out in the fight against breast cancer. As the month continues supporters are sure to see many more activities from Hurley, who always goes big for breast cancer awareness.

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