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Kesha is suing her current music producer, claiming he sexually assaulted her and forced her to drink alcohol, among other allegations. Dr. Luke (Lukasz Sebestian Guttwald) and singer, Kesha have worked together for almost 10 years. She was 18 when she signed on with his company.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday by Kesha claims Dr. Luke was a controlling manipulator as well as an abuser. Her lawyer, Mark Geragos said, “She is looking to move past the emotional and verbal abuse he has inflicted on her in the past.” The two have been at odds within the past year over the direction of her music career. Kesha is looking for more control of her music and the direction of her personal life.

Kesha was in the media earlier this year on reports she entered rehab for an eating disorder. The singer checked herself into Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center in Lemont, Illinois for bulimia nervosa, which she is now stating was caused by Dr. Luke. He called her untalented and referred to her size by comparing her to a “refrigerator,” according to the singer. When she was discharged from the the rehab center her doctors urged her against seeing Dr. Luke again, adding it would be “Very dangerous to her health.”

Shortly after her suit was filed Christine Lepera, Dr. Luke’s lawyer, said, “He was counter-suing her over grounds that her lawsuit is not based on truth. “The allegations of abuse are sensational lies created by Kesha and her [mom], Patricia Rose Sebert.” Leperra says, the only reason she’s suing the music producer was, “An attempt to break their existing contract.” Dr. Luke claims to have had copies of the lawsuit for months.

Over the past 10 years Kesha has released four albums under the production of Dr. Luke and his label Kemosabe Entertainment. Songs like Tik Tok, Timber and We R Who We R have been number one hits on Billboard charts in America. Her song “Young” was broadcasted over the radio more times in one week then any other song in Billboard history. Her party girl image and “hungover” lyrics have made her a recognizable star.

Along with the abuse allegations, the singer said in the suit filed on Tuesday, she, “Was coerced into taking drugs and alcohol by Dr. Luke.” She is also claiming she was unknowingly drugged and was assaulted sexually on at least two occasions. Geragos, her lawyer, said this lawsuit represents “An attempt to free Kesha of Dr Luke and his production company.” She told Rolling Stone last October, “She lacked control of her music,” and “was ready to grow as an artist, showing a side the world hasn’t seen yet.”

Both sides describe an ugly picture of the other in this case. Shortly after the counter-suit was filed the pop star’s people put out a statement stating “This was typical behavior of Dr. Luke,” that this was another “attempt to control the singer.” Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, has represented Michael Jackson and Chris Brown in the past. Kesha is not the first singer to sue her music producer over control issues.

By Paul Sears


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