Pit Bull Attack Kills Modesto Man

Pit Bull Attack Kills Modesto Man A pack of four pit bulls attacked and killed a Modesto, California man. The attack was called into the authorities about 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.

When the sheriffs arrived the 59-year-old man was under the attack of three dogs while one circled the mauling. They immediately shot and killed two of the dogs; the other two ran to a neighbor’s yard.

After calling for medical assistance the sheriffs discovered the man’s 77-year-old mother who had also been attacked.

Attempting to subdue the two other pit bulls, the dogs became aggressive and charged the officers. They shot and killed them as well.

The man died from his injuries; his mother is in critical condition.

Investigators were able to identify the owner of the four pit bulls who will most likely face criminal charges.

By James Turnage

Source: KCRA

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