Kim Jong Un Purges Officials for Watching South Korean Soaps

Kim Jong Un

Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, takes the watching of foreign shows very seriously, and as he recently found that ten officials were watching South Korean soap operas, he purged them, cleansing his government of those who committed the crime. Though it has not been released exactly when Kim Jong Un did so, the news was released by the Yonhap News, just recently, proving that Jong Un is back from his recent absence and ready to prove again that he is still the leader.

Over the years Kim Jong Un has done many things to prove that he is in charge when it comes to those who live in North Korea, though officially it is not allowed to be called North Korea, but rather just Korea in the eyes of the leader. Residents of the country are not allowed access to foreign things, though it has been reported that their leader loves to indulge in foreign things. In the past, the watching of foreign movies has always been on the top of his cause for execution list. Especially this year as he pledged to “mercilessly destroy” anyone who watched the western movie that showed Americans trying to assassinate him (which media has stated is probably the movie The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco).

Really his obsession with foreign films started in January of 2012. Though foreign movies had always been banned before, hundreds of bootleg copies of foreign movies ended up in the hands of many residents in North Korea, causing the leader, Kim Jong Un, to create what was called the “114 teams.” Joined together as the Korean Worker’s Party, they were then told by Jong Un to get rid of all of the bootleg copies and foreign movies and charge anyone who had been watching them. Top priority was getting rid of those that had come from South Korea, supposedly because the leader did not want his people to know how prosperous South Korea was.

According to sources, it took about a year for these teams to really get active but after that time it seemed that the punishments were greatly rising and the bootleg copies and foreign movies were quickly disappearing. Though the Korean Worker’s Party continued to work on the issue, Kim Jong Un was actually out of the public view for about six weeks, while having surgery from a foreign doctor on a cyst that was on his ankle. Supposedly the condition was due to his obesity but the surgery did not seem to slow Jong Un down any at all. He is now back into power and quickly regaining control of his country. As a result he had made many punishments since his return.

The ten officials that were purged probably just happened to be in the “line of fire.” Since Kim Jong Un’s return the country seems to be back to business, as usual, and though information was not given as to when or why the officials were purged, the Korean Worker’s Party was responsible for the action, as the officials were accused of watching South Korean soap operas.

By Crystal Boulware


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