‘The Voice’: The Knockouts Premiere Part 2 [Recap & Video]

The Voice

On The Voice, the Knockouts continued, though tonight’s episode was just an hour long. Team member fought against team member, singing their hearts out for the chance to win the Knockout Round they were in and move on to next week. As Blake put it, “In the Knockouts the artists have to pick their own songs.” Gwen is the only one of the coaches who still has a steal left.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, recapped last night’s Knockouts and mentioned that tonight, six performers will take the stage. “Each coach can only take five performers into the Live Rounds,” he stated.

Gwen Stefani was the first of the coaches who had two of her team members go into the Knockouts. As she is the only coach left who has a steal, the loser of the Knockout will go home tonight.

The two Team Gwen members that went up onstage first on The Voice were Taylor John Williams, who sang Mad World, and Troy Richie, who performed the Reggae-influenced hit, Hey Ya!

Taylor Swift had told Troy before the Knockout commenced that “You should feel like you’re carrying a dufflebag with a heat-seeking missile in it,” apparently referring to his immense vocal skills. Taylor has a distinct way with words.

Troy and Taylor did really great on The Voice, each giving the song that he sang his all. Gwen had a tough decision to make, but she eventually chose Taylor John Williams as the winner. It will be sad saying good-bye and not seeing Troy Richie any more this season, but that is how The Voice slowly cuts down the competitors until only one person is left, the overall winner of The Voice.

Next, two members of Team Adam Levine competed against each other. They were Mia Pfirrman, who chose to sing Human, and Alessandra Castronovo, who belted out the song Next To Me. They were pretty evenly matched, and each NAILED the songs that they sang.

After hearing comments from the other coaches on The Voice, as Gwen had, Carson told Adam that he had to make a decision about who won. Adam said that the winner of the second Knockout of the evening was Mia Pfirrman!

That left just one Knockout to go on The Voice. This time, the two competitors were from Team Pharrell, and they were Elyjuh René and Ricky Manning. Elyjuh sang With You and Ricky performed the Miley Cyrus hit, Wrecking Ball. They both left their all on the stage and it was perhaps the best of tonight’s Knockouts.

Though Pharrell Williams had an agonizing decision to make and did not want to let anyone go from his team, he had to choose the winner of this Knockout Round on The Voice. The person he said was the winner of the Knockout was…Elyjuh René! He will move on to next week’s episodes, and the Live Rounds. The Live Rounds are almost here! Have the coaches made the right decisions or have they gotten rid of performers who might have taken them all the way to victory? Stay tuned next Monday to watch The Voice on NBC!

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC Universal Media Village

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