‘Kim Kardashian Hollywood’ Prepares for Halloween


The widely popular mobile video game for iOS devices Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has released a new update in which the virtual version of the celebrated socialite is preparing for Halloween. The new update commenced but just a week before the actual holiday on Oct. 31.

Players of the addictive social game will know the new update features the in-game Kardashian announcing that she will be throwing a huge Halloween event at her mansion in Beverly Hills. The game then challenges players to acquire as many five-star ratings on the numerous challenges available in the app as possible. The succession of scoring five stars will result in copious amount of candy as a reward. Players must collect a certain amount of candy in order to acquire enough points to obtain a costume for Kardashian’s event.

The system is in sync with real time so players will literally have a countdown to the actual Halloween ticking while playing the application, reminding them of the candy-collecting challenge that must be met by the end of the month. Of course players will not fail the game if the candy criteria is not met, it is simply a real-time update that developers wished to add for a more personal experience in playing the game.

The real-life Kardashian and those working on the Hollywood app with her are proving to run a very successful marketing campaign with the game. The app has received numerous updates in sync with actual present occurrences in the real world of Hollywood. Kardashian even added the feature of allowing players to marry other characters in the game. The new venue of Florence, Italy has been added as well – an ode to the socialite’s very own wedding to rapper Kanye West.

The game was actually a replication of developer Glu Games’ former social application entitled Stardom: Hollywood. Players would create their very own avatar, just as they do in KK: Hollywood and embark on a journey to become a star in the acting world. Kardashian’s version of the game focuses more so on modeling and networking events more than the acting aspirations that were featured in Stardom. An interesting fact that should be brought to light is that both games share identical graphic animations and KK: Hollywood even has some of the exact same customization choices for one’s avatar that are found in Stardom.

Glu Games obviously had a very good product in their hands with Stardom, but unfortunately did not reach the mainstream level of attention they were aiming for. By attaching Kardashian’s name to the product, a new audience was formed for Glu Games and the application is now one of the most successful iOS games of the year. As Stardom is still available for download, Glu seems to be focusing their attention on promoting and updating KK: Hollywood. One can expect the company and the socialite to drag this campaign out for as long as possible, as the product has already garnered large sums of money for both parties.

As the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game prepares for Halloween, perhaps many of its users will do the same. KK: Hollywood and Stardom: Hollywood are both available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store.

By Cody Collier

Daily Mail

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