HCHBB’s June Shannon Helped Rumored Child Molester Boyfriend Find House

Former hit reality television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo‘s matriarchal figure June Shannon helped her rumored child molester boyfriend find a new residence following his release from prison back in March. Despite the 35-year-old’s continued insistence that the two are not romantically involved and that she has had no connection with him following his exit from jail, new photographs have emerged showing the two browsing various houses in their home state of Georgia just last month. The photographs were obtained and published by popular gossip website TMZ in the early morning of Saturday, October 25th.

The pair was photographed going from place to place in the small town of Hampton, Georgia, in order for Mark McDaniel to find somewhere to settle down following the end of his 10 year stint for aggravated child molestation. One of the pictures even contains the 52-year-old man’s son, who Shannon previously claimed could vouch for her statement that she and McDaniel were in no way associated anymore. The pictures, however, tell a slightly different story. In fact, one of the photographs appear to depict the pair walking hand in hand at one point, further suggesting the idea that they are romantically linked.

The time period in which the photographs were taken appear to match up with when Shannon split with her partner of nine years, Mike Thompson (a.k.a. Sugar Bear, and the father of her youngest daughter and also the show’s star.) The two went their separate ways back in September, with Shannon terminating their relationship amid her suspicion that he was cheating on her. Thompson had allegedly been surfing various online dating websites looking for additional long-term companionship, the most significant of these platforms being PlentyOfFish. He has since denied these allegations, although was reportedly forbidden to go into further detail due to network executives not wanting the situation to affect the future of the show too much before the airing of its fifth season.

Producer worries have since been diffused completely, however, as the once extremely successful show has recently been axed from any further airing or production in the wake of the aforementioned scandal. Although the upcoming season of the show has already been filmed and wrapped up, TLC executives have made the decision to not go ahead with airing any of them at all, as they feel it would reflect poorly on their concern for Shannon’s four daughters and their welfare surrounding the recent events that have unfolded.

The most significant of these children is Shannon’s eldest daughter Anna Cardwell, who yesterday revealed herself to be the victim that McDaniel was put away 10 years for forcing sexual conduct upon when she was just eight years old. Cardwell has since stated that she has no wish to remain involved with her mother in any way, nor will she allow her to have any contact with her two-year-old granddaughter until she proves she has cut all ties with McDaniel.

TLC executives have offered to fund counseling services for Cardwell, along with Shannon’s three other daughters. They have also shown interest in paying for any necessary tutoring for the two youngest, Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon. Child protective services located in the family’s hometown have also sought interest in the matter since news first broke, saying that they plan to investigate the matter to its furthest in order to make sure the girls are in no way being abused or mistreated.

It remains to be seen how or if June Shannon will defend the recent photographs that have surfaced depicting her and Mark McDaniel searching for his new home together. The former reality television star has yet to give any public statement on the matter, although just yesterday she published a video insisting that she was in no way involved with the man and that she would never put her kids at risk in any manner whatsoever.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Lwp Kommunikáció – Flickr License

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