Kim Kardashian Says She Never Forgot Daughter North At Hotel



Kim Kardashian says she never forgot her daughter North at a Paris hotel. Kardashian is fighting back against claims that say she forgot her infant child inside one of the hotels in Paris. The report states that the reality star was seen leaving a hotel and going toward an SUV. After that, she then turned around and walked back inside the hotel once more. When she came out the second time, she had North in her arms.

When the rumors started going around, Kim responded by posting on Twitter that she had heard the story on the radio about her forgetting her daughter at their hotel as they were leaving for the airport. She proceeded to question if it was some kind of joke or not, and then put up, “LOL.” She continued to respond with snide remarks on her account toward the people who had started the rumor and then Kim went on to give her side of the story. She explained that she had walked to the automobile in order to check on a car seat and make sure it was in there due to the fact that the day before they had experienced some sort of car seat issues.

After that, Kardashian, age 33, appeared to laugh off the allegations. She continued to tweet, and asked if anyone actually believed a 1-year-old child would be alone inside a hotel lobby by herself. Kim finished her own question with some sort of joke, where she declared that “North was waiting to check out,” and Kardashian added more LOL’s.

It is unknown if the Twitter outburst has helped or hurt the reality star’s reputation in the eyes of anyone who questioned what did or did not happen with North. Kim, along with her daughter, and husband Kanye West had been staying in Paris due to the city’s Fashion Week festival. They were seen at numerous different fashion shows.

Kardashian had been seen taking North to various different runway shows, most of which the child was sitting right on her mother’s lap in the much desired front row. However, many still believe she forgot North at the hotel, at least that is the belief of some celebrity watchers  and Kim is not happy about it at all. She firmly denies ever forgetting about her infant child inside the hotel and is extremely upset about the accusations.

She has repeated said she never left North on purpose in the hotel.  Kim stands by her claim about checking on the car seat. She denies that she ever forgot her child and that she only went out to the SUV to make sure the car seat was in place before she brought North out later. She made it clear on her Twitter account how she felt, but she also attempted to laugh it off as well. However, no matter what she says, people will chose to believe whatever they want. Yet, the fact is that Kim Kardashian has stated she never forgot her daughter North at a Paris hotel.

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