Kim Kardashian’s Second Pregnancy: North Is About to Become a Big Sister

KardashianAfter Kim Kardashian announced that North West will soon become a big sister, since she and her husband are trying on a baby number two, their fans are eagerly awaiting for Kim’s second pregnancy to finally happen. However, some sceptics claim that Kim is only trying to get more publicity and that she is not planing her second pregnancy any time soon.

Just like always when it comes to the Kardashian’s, several reports daily claim that Mrs. West is already pregnant with baby number two. But is she really? Kim and Kanye reportedly already started building a new nursery and she is also thinking of what she will wear with her baby bump once the pregnancy with Kanye’s second child is confirmed.

Well, if anyone is good at jumping the gun, then Kim Kardashian most certainly is. It appears that this is a skill, which she no doubt learned from her mother, Kris Jenner. Even though Mrs. West did not even confirm that she and Kanye are expecting their second baby, she is already talking about her second pregnancy and coming baby bump. It seems like Kim is just trying to leverage the media interest into sustained publicity and as such, she is only throwing bits and pieces of all the information to her fans.

The question is, if Kim was actually pregnant again, would she want to keep the news private, just for a little while? Probably not, since Mrs. West has been very open about her desire to have another child. In one of her interviews, Kim admitted that North West may have a younger sibling very soon and that she is hoping to get pregnant very soon. Kim also said that she and Kanye are trying and that it is all in God’s hands. Furthermore, Kardashian also said that she will go for two children, since she has so many siblings and she loves the fact that they are all her best friends, so Kim would want that for her kids too.

However, it looks like baby No.2 is not on its way just yet and Kim is obviously just playing her cards close to her chest. Since she and Kate Middleton were pregnant at the same time with their first children and Kate had all the attention, Kim Kardashian probably hates the fact that the entire world only speaks about Kate’s second pregnancy, since this is definitely stealing all the attention away from Kim, just as it did the first time around.

So Kim is just being Kim and instead of just going public with the news about her second pregnancy, Mrs. West keeps teasing the news to the media. Kardashian family loves their publicity and ever since Kim hinted that she might get pregnant again soon, media is constantly guessing if she is already pregnant.

It looks like the rumours about her second pregnancy brought Kim exactly what she wanted – publicity, publicity and even more publicity. However, it might happen that when she finally gets pregnant, nobody will believe her any more, since rumours about her second pregnancy come out on daily basis.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

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