Kris Jenner’s Heartbreak: Who is Ronda Kamihira?

While Kris and Bruce Jenner may have separated a year ago, with him moving to Malibu and Kris staying in their Calabasas home, it caused quite a stir when Bruce attended an Elton John concert recently with Kris’ good friend for over twenty years, Ronda Kamihira. Even though Kris filed for divorce from Bruce on September 22, reports have indicated that Kris is not too happy that Bruce has been spending time with Kamihira. This speculation leads to the question: Who is Ronda Kamihira?

Kamihira is a 51-year-old divorced mother of two children. Reports have indicated that not only did Kamihira live nearby in the same neighborhood as the Jenners when they resided in Hidden Hills, California, but she also once worked as Kris’ personal assistant.

The Jenner girls are friends with Kamihira’s daughters. Kamihira is the mother of two daughters, Spencer and Maddy Johnson, who have posted photos over the years to their Instagram accounts posing with Kris and Bruce’s daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Earlier this year, Spencer Johnson posted a photo with Kendall at the Coachella music festival. Last summer, Maddy Johnson posted a photo with Kylie  in a car with her tongue sticking out and the caption “no new friends.”

On her own Instagram account, Ronda has posted photos of the Jenner girls, including one a year ago showing all four daughters hugging each other when they were young girls, as well as a more current photo of the four of them. The caption read: “Happy birthday @kendalljenner!!! I love you baby xo.”

Kamihira seems to have been a supportive friend of Kris Jenner at one time. According to what appears to be an authentic, albeit little used Twitter account, Ronda appears to support her friend Kris, tweeting in September of 2011 that she is “So excited for The Talk tomorrow with @KrisJenner.” A month earlier, Ronda’s first tweet was about how she is trying to figure out Twitter, and although she tweeted with her daughters, she has not used the social media platform much and seemed to favor her Instagram account.

This may not be the first time Kamihira has been in the middle of a marriage. According to celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson, while he was newly married to his wife Militza and shortly after the birth of his son, he began an affair with a Japanese American woman named Ronda Kamihira, a catering student at the time. He described the details in his autobiography, stating that it was lust at first sight with Ronda and that it first began with an encounter in a walk-in refrigerator. The two would go to nightclubs and the gym together, but his suspicious wife eventually found a topless photo of Kamihira in Thompson’s wallet. Still, Militza became pregnant with their second son during the affair with Ronda, though she left Thompson shortly after the child’s first birthday and relocated to Australia. Thompson and Ronda’s affair fizzled out while Thompson moved on to romancing other women. If this is the same Ronda Kamihira, and if current reports are to believed, it seems Ronda has recently moved on to Bruce Jenner.

While Bruce and Kris may not be officially divorced yet, if he does end up with Ronda, it will not be a far departure from Kris in the looks department. Several reports have noted that one look at Kamihira’s Instagram feed automatically brings to mind Kris Jenner with her short, dark hair and fashion choices. Reports have also indicated that Kris is heartbroken over the pairing, but her own Twitter and Instagram feeds appear to be business as usual, as she promotes her new cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris.

By Jennifer Fernicola Ronay

Photo by Greg Hernandez – Flickr License
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