NBC to Make ‘Marley & Me’ A Series


The cute “doggy” film that had movie lovers crying everywhere, is coming back to the screen, but this time as a sequel. According to recent reports the network, NBC, has ordered a pilot show for a Marley & Me series, in which Jenny Bicks, the writer of Sex and the City, is said to be the writer. Though the series will stray a little from the original show, fans of the original movie are still not quite sure whether they like the idea, or not.

For anyone who has ever seen the show, it is definitely a heart-warming movie. Marley & Me, based on the best-selling book by the author Josh Grogan, the story supposedly recounts his moments with the family dog. The movie made almost $1.5 million at the U.S. box office after it’s release on Christmas Day of 2008. Worldwide it made much more than that. In the film Jennifer Aniston plays Jenny, a writer of a newspaper column, and her husband John, who is also a writer. When John gets a newspaper column and settles in a new house with his wife, the two decide to get a dog. They then go through the ups and downs of managing a puppy, in the process of growing, their three kids that were born a bit later, and their jobs, life, and even their relationship. As John grows at his job he begins to find an increase in readership when he writes of all of the chaotic “puppy” things that Marley does. As the movie comes to an end (spoiler alert) the dog dies, leaving the family with the pain of losing the family pet.

Sources say that in the sequel, gone series, that NBC plans to create, the production will not take up the storyline of the original book, rather it will create a storyline of what happens after the original Marley & Me. The new Marley & Me on NBC will feature the two characters John and Jenny, with their three kids, Patrick, Conor, and Colleen who are much older now, and the new dog who just happens to show up at their doorstep one day. According to sources it is said that the family will name the dog Marley because they use the same leash and tags, from the original family dog. The show will focus on the family as they grow and the dog who grows with them.

In addition to writer Jenny Bicks working on the comedy, it has also been said that David Frankel will be directing. It is not yet known how quickly the project is set to be released, but the pilot has been put into effect.

Viewers of the original Marley & Me seem to be taking the news both ways, some saying that they could never make a sequel that was as good as the original and some stating that a series will be better for the beloved theme.  Many are resistant to the fact that the family in the series will be much older than in the movie, especially as the plot seemed to be about the family’s struggles with the dog as they worked to maintain their lives with young kids. Though many are saying that will Jenny Bicks, of Sex and the City writing the show, it is sure to do well. After all, series that currently show on TV revolve around dogs, including the comedy Dog With a Blog which is also a family film, seem to be doing well.

By Crystal Boulware


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