Sweetest Day Holiday Third Saturday in October Is Here!

Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day 2014 has officially arrived! It is the third Saturday of October, which this year is on October 18, 2014. Sweetest Day is similar to Valentine’s Day, is some respects, as it is a celebration of the love a person feels towards his or her loved ones. It is a holiday more celebrated by younger people, who give cards, candy, flowers, or other romantic gifts to their spouses or significant others. Forgot the holiday? Stay out of the doghouse (maybe) by sending a FREE Ecard for Holiday Insights at the last link below!

According to the Hallmark official website, 80 percent of their Sweetest Day cards have, unsurprisingly, a “romance” or “love” theme. The holiday has been around for a while — Hallmark first began making Sweetest Day cards in the 1960s.

Contrary to what some people might claim, the holiday did not originate as a gimmick by greeting card companies and candy or jewelry companies to sell more of their merchandise. Rather, it is an original American holiday, one that does not have any religious trappings associated with it. The holiday helps to remind loved ones that they mean a lot in our lives, and it has become a nice occasion to remind him or her of this by giving that special person a thoughtful kind word or small gift, like a card or candy.

The History of Sweetest Day:

The history of Sweetest Day goes back to approximately 1922. It was established by Herbert Birch Kingston, who worked at a candy company in Cleveland, Ohio. He wanted to come up with a way to bring happiness to people’s lives who he felt were often forgotten, like orphans and people who were confined to their own homes. He hit upon the idea of distributing, with the help of friends, small gifts of candy and other things to these people to show them that they mattered and someone cared about them.

After that humble beginning, the holiday slowly began growing and the concept spread to other people across the Midwest of America. Beginning in the 1930s, Ann Pennington handed out small gifts of candy to Cleveland’s 2,200 newspaper boys. Also, actress Theda Bara distributed 10,000 boxes of candy to Cleveland’s theater-goers and hospital patients.

Over the decades, the idea of spreading cheer and expressions of love continued, and more and more inhabitants of Midwestern states started to celebrate the holiday. Family members, co-workers, sweethearts, and even casual acquaintances began to be included, and Sweetest Day became a holiday that was more widely celebrated.

In time, the idea of spreading cheer and showing love to others on the third Saturday of October broadened to include everyone from family members to sweethearts and coworkers to acquaintances. Still, the holiday is primarily celebrated in the states around the Great Lakes. Besides Ohio, where the holiday was born, Sweetest Day spread to the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois. Now, people all across America celebrate Sweetest Day.

Like Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day can be a great occasion to keep the sparks going in one’s romantic life, by giving gifts of chocolate, lingerie or flowers. It is also a great time to let other people know that they are important and matter, like loved ones in nursing homes, siblings, friends and parents.

Though the romantic holiday has its origins in the Midwestern state of Ohio, according to The Romantic website, now three states which are not in the Midwest are included in the Top Ten states in terms of Sweetest Day sales: Florida, Texas and California. Michigan and Illinois rank even higher, right after Ohio. So, even though Sweetest Day did not begin as just a sort of “gimmick” holiday to sell more greeting cards and candy, it has, to an extent, become that.

Still, there are relatively inexpensive or even free ways to express love on Sweetest Day. One of them is to make homemade cards to give, or use the website Holiday Insights at the last link below to create a free Ecard to send. The Guardian Liberty Voice staff wishes everyone a Happy Sweetest Day!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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