Kristen Stewart Judges Americans and Sides With Terrorists

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart just recently completed filming Camp X-Ray, where she plays a soldier in an anti-American, pro-terrorist movie. Some may say she was just doing her job and acting. The film’s content does not necessarily reflect the young stars own views, however her thoughts on the film were verbalized and placed her directly in the spotlight with her anti-American comments. She does not care if the fans hate her and states as much in an interview with People Magazine.

Everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions, however, that being said, one should not judge those that they do not know personally. Many fans believe Stewart’s attack on the military was uncalled for and uninformed. They say it made her even less of a person and that many will not want to support her acting career anymore. Many in Hollywood speak out politically, but fans believe that the actress has taken it too far.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Stewart is reported to have said that only those that cannot think for themselves and are under educated have no option but to join the military. She goes on to call those serving our country “simpletons” and that they no longer think for themselves and they have only to follow their orders, and not think for themselves. She goes on to say that Americans should not judge the terrorists as they are people too. This is a bit contradictory as she is judging the entire military by a role that she played. Many say that it seems the Twilight star has stopped thinking for herself as well.

In the movie Stewart plays a guard who patrols the cell block of suspected terrorists where she ends up befriending one, and finds that the detainee’s are the actual victims and the captors are the evil ones. That is just her character, however, she goes on in the interview to berate those that keep the alleged terrorists locked up in the actual Guantanamo Bay prison, and that they are kept and treated as numbers, and evil numbers at that. At this point is where she states that judging terrorists is the real evil going on.

Stewart claims that she did not do this movie to make her mark and let it be known what her political opinions are, but she states that there is prejudice in the world and she wanted to do this to overcome that. Essentially saying that her theories of good versus evil are the only correct way to think, and that everyone else associated with protecting our country and manning our prisons of the most dangerous of criminals are the evil ones. The actress went from not wanting to make a political statement to doing just that. The director of the film is most definitely trying to make a mark and to raise questions and point fingers.

Peter Sattler wants to remind viewers that the president promised to shut down the prison, and failed to do so. He also wants people to start questioning the right or wrong of holding purported terrorists. Sattler did an interview with NPR where he stated that this independent film is about people and not politics, and held to that belief during the broadcast.

by Kristi Cereska


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  1. CamelCaseRob   March 25, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    I just saw the movie, and it didn’t really knock the military OR Guantanamo. It WAS more about the people on both sides being chewed up by the system.

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