Legends: Iconoclast (Recap and Review)

Legends: Iconoclast (Recap and Review)

Legends: Iconoclast carries on where last week’s episode ended, with the death of Prince Abboud who is dispatched via a drone with explosives attached and when it detonates kills the prince and his bodyguards as well as taking out most of his car. Hani Jibril narrowly misses being killed by the remote controlled flying bomb only being saved by “Sebastian Egan,” by the skin of her teeth.

The state department employee who set Hani up, Aaron Rawley contacts his “handler” who praises him on a job well done and tells Rawley that his money has been wired to his account. While talking to the man, Aaron’s accomplice comes up, Hassan, and places him in a choke hold. While he is unconscious, the accomplice injects Rawley with a drug killing him.

Because of the political implications with the assassin being a government employee the state department decide to blame Hani and let her become the focus of Arabian rage. The plan is to avoid an international incident and the agents from the agency tell the FBI that the case is out of their hands and has been declared classified due to national security.

Jibril learns that Sebastian Egan was a lie and when she meets Martin she is understandably upset. As she leaves, Odum tells her he will see that whoever killed the prince and set her up burn, Hani replies that she does not believe him. In Legends: Iconoclast, Martin goes back into the jouno legend to try and flush out the real assassin who set up Jibril and killed Abboud. The DCO have opted to ignore the state department’s mandate to leave the case alone and Odum sets himself up to be kidnapped.

Martin is injected with a tracker and Crystal, along with Tony Rice are his backup and they are to follow him once Sebastian Egan has been taken. Before the kidnapping, Odum and Rice find Rawley dead in a closet in his apartment. Aaron’s body has been left hanging to look like suicide and Martin tells Rice to look between the dead man’s toes for an injection mark. Tony does so and finds the mark. Rice is concerned that his colleague knows about this way to kill someone. Martin cannot tell Rice how he knows about this trick but he obviously picked it up from one of his other legends.

Crystal is upset that the state department are bending the rules to set up Hani Jibril and sweep Rawling’s involvement under the rug. Maggie reveals that she can hack the security agency Arcadia’s files to find out just what information they have on the prince’s assassination. She inserts a spyware program into the company’s database and then leaves.

When Maggie gets back to the DCO offices she tells Crystal that she planted the software and she reveals the trail from the Arcadian COO to Rawley and Ahmed Hassan and Prince Fayeen. Martin opts to have Sebastian Egan write an article designed to embarrass and discredit Prince Fayeen. He wants the prince’s men to try and kill him. In this week’s episode of Legends, Sean Bean could be set up to die in the finale next week.

Odum gets the magazine that Egan works for to write an exclusive expose on the prince’s murder, Fayeen’s involvement and Arcadia’s orchestration of the event. Fayeen reacts angrily to the article and decides to act against Egan. Joust Magazine and “Sebastian” are warned by Faris Nadir that a contract has been put out on the journalist’s life.

Martin/Sebastian uses Nadir to set up the Saudi’s in order to make his plan work out. Maggie tells Crystal that by digging into Martin’s files she has found out that his whole life is a fabrication. In other words, like another one of the DCO’s legends. McGuire tells Harris to keep it between them until she can figure out how to proceed with the information.

Odum’s plan goes well and as Egan he is kidnapped. Unfortunately the tracking signal is blocked and his back-up have no idea where he is. The Saudi’s also know that Martin is not really Sebastian Egan and they have sent men to his old house to take his wife and son. Legends: Iconoclast ends with not just Odum in danger but his family as well. Next week is the series finale, which will be two hours long. According to the preview of the upcoming episode, a lot of secrets will be let out of the bag. Legends airs Wednesdays on FX.

By Michael Smith


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