Lionel Richie Insists He Is Not Khloe Kardashian’s Father [Video]

Motown superstar Lionel Richie has once again insisted he is not Khloe Kardashian’s father, a discussion that reared its controversial head once more after a recently published issue of a popular tabloid claimed to contain proof that he was. This past Monday night, the singer told a TMZ photographer that the rumors are simply untrue.

The 65-year-old was leaving the popular Los Angeles restaurant Madeo when a cameraman managed to catch him just as he got in his car to exit. The photographer opened the question by stating he would not be doing his job if he did not ask it at least once, to which Richie agreed and told him to go ahead with it. The man asked the Hello chart-topper if the rumors were true that he held claim to Kardashian’s paternal side of her parentage, a question he did not immediately respond to as he was momentarily caught up in paying the valet his dues. After his attention was regained however, Richie began to laugh and firmly rejected the possibility, saying that this newest bout of speculation was just as untrue as it has ever been. He went on to say that he loved all of the Kardashian children very much, and in that respect all of them were his kids in a way. The Alabama makes reference to the fact that the family grew up spending copious amounts of time at his residence over the years, and that is why he cares about them like they are his own.

The question regarding the true paternity of 30-year-old Kardashian has been one that those inside and outside the world of Hollywood have shown quite an obsession with for decades. While there is not yet any remotely concrete proof that the younger sister of Kim and Khloe is not in fact the youngest daughter of infamous late lawyer Robert Kardashian (after whom the girl’s only brother was subsequently named), the public has exhibited heavy scrutiny regarding the fact that the girl does not share a very striking resemblance to her sisters and brother. The main debate surrounding this lack of sibling similarity seems to be solely focused on one thing: she does not seem to share the same half-Armenian characteristics the others do, in that she looks far more caucasian than any of them. She is also a good head taller than her sisters, something individuals say is starter proof that they might not share the same father either. Another reason that both people who love and dislike the youngest Kardashian sister believe that there is a chance this is true relates to the not-so-secret truth that their mother had not always been faithful to their father during their 13-year-long marriage. Indeed, one of the most substantial reasons behind their highly publicized divorce was related to a man named Todd Waterman, with whom Kris Jenner was involved in a lengthy affair with while still married to the lawyer.

Richie is not the first man to be speculated as Kardashian’s true father. The aforementioned Waterman is the man who is most suspected of being Kardashian’s true father (should the rumors even be true that it is a man other than Robert Kardashian himself), as the time period in which he and Kris were involved in their affair does appear to match up to the approximate time Kardashian was conceived. Another rumor, this one being a rather uncommon and frowned up suggestion that only appears in the most ragged of sensationalist tabloids, is that her father is acquitted criminal O.J. Simpson. Jenner’s ex-husband was Simpson’s lawyer during the world-famous trial regarding whether or not the man murdered his girlfriend Nicole Brown, a trial that ended in shock and much scrutiny when Robert Kardashian managed to get his client acquitted based on the mere evidence of a glove that did not fit. All of these rumors are nothing more than speculation for the current time, however, and not a shred of proof has come about to make any of them (including the most recent one regarding Richie) seem less untrue than the others.

It remains to be seen how Khloe Kardashian feels regarding the recent speculation that Lionel Richie is her true father. Richie, however, remains adamant that he loves her and her siblings like actual children even though they are in no way related.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Laura Fedele – Flickr License

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