Malala Yousafzai: How She Became So Powerful


Malala Yousafzai is the story of a young girl living in a world where many things were forbidden for women to partake in, but she did not bow down, and used her words to become one of the most powerful young women in the world. Seldom do children or teenagers take on issues that are never questioned by the adults in their lives. Even less frequently are the adults willing to stand up and take the side of their child, even if it is frowned upon by the whole country that they live in.

Intelligent, brave and a leader are just a few of the words that are being used to describe this 17-year-old Nobel prize winner. Against all odds she not only survived the attempt to silence her, but she became even more vocal and a force to be reckoned with. In Pakistan girls are not worthy of a good education, and Yousafzai started making her discontent known as a child of just 11 years of age.

YousafzaiShe started as a blogger, sending messages of the need for girls to get an education, actions that landed her in the sites of militants in the Taliban, who ultimately shot her. The head shot did not kill her and seems to have made her stronger, so much so that the United Nations proclaimed that her birthday is to be a national day of spreading the word of child education rights.

If these things alone did not endear her to the world, Yousafzai’s words certainly have, and have been quoted and repeated over social media countless times. Her speeches include the fact that guns can only do one thing, kill, and words can live on forever and even elicit positive changes in things one might be most passionate about. Her speeches are so powerful that when she spoke at Glamour Magazine’s award ceremony for women, Lady Gaga said she would gladly give up the cover of the publication for her, as Gaga was also being celebrated.

This young women became a powerful advocate for children’s education by her insightful words that girls all over the world can relate too. She speaks of standing outside government buildings and preaching that change is not enough, and people need to go inside and create change. Change is not easily brought, which is why this young woman wants to be a part of the government of Pakistan. Yousafzai states that she will find a party that is willing to not only talk of change but to move towards making actual changes for the good of the people. Should she not find a party that meets her requirements this astounding young woman states she will create her own.

Women and children alike watch as this trail blazer takes the world by storm, not allowing any militants or terrorists to intimidate her into silence. This alone is one of the reasons Yousafzai has become a powerful force for change, and a strong voice for children’s rights. She will live on in fame, and her advocates will eagerly watch, and hopefully aid, this powerful young woman in her campaigns. The world will follow her journey, to see what she will achieve in the years to come.

By Kristi Cereska

The Telegraph
USA Today

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  1. D   October 10, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    Where does she live and school now? I thought she would be back at home in her own country fighting for girls rights continuously, not living in the UK or overseas. What good is it if you don’t continue your work in the country that needs you?


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