‘Mario Kart 8’ Content Could Come to ‘Legend of Zelda’ Series

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8, the title hailed as the savior of the Wii U earlier this year, is having some extra content adding to the track list and driver roster in separate time frames. With the release of the first pack, a popular character from The Legend of Zelda will be joining the racing roster, and the main mind behind that series has some interesting comments regarding the future of one of the added pieces. The coming content represents a bunch of Nintendo content that is coming to several titles within the next couple of months alone.

The beloved Mario Kart 8, rated at an average 88 and 91 by critics and fans respectively, is on track to offer a substantial amount of content beginning next month. In that first update, eight tracks, four vehicles and three characters will be coming with some of those pieces revealed already. The three characters will be Tanooki Suit Mario, Cat Suit Peach and Link from The Legend of Zelda and two of the vehicles will be Captain Falcon’s Blue Falcon and Link’s Master Cycle. Hints have also been dropped that place one of the tracks within the two addition cups, four more tracks in each cup, inside a Hyrule-based environment.

The Master Cycle coming to Mario Kart 8 has the attention of Legend of Zelda director, Eiji Aonuma, as one of the designers of this particular content. Taking to Nintendo’s Miiverse, Aonuma left a note with a picture of the Cycle, showing off the Master Shield on the side of the metallic, two-wheeled horse. He also offers some hints as to the vehicle’s attributes, saying that the Master Cycle design that has the characters ride with a forward leaning stance, allowing the driver to perform sharp turns. Following other pieces of information to dissect, Aonuma reminded consumers that this and the Animal Crossing pack, coming in early 2015, are available for a pre-order group discount on the eShop now for $11.99. Both will be separately available for $7.99 each.

Aonuma, in his comments about the Mario Kart 8 content, dropped a hint that he loved the design enough to keep it around for the future. He expressed interest in using the Master Cycle in games he works on as he was “overwhelmed by how good it looked.” Aonuma, since his introduction into the Nintendo workforce, has only ever worked on Legend of Zelda titles and has been director of each major one since Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 64.

Mario Kart 8 is not the only title to grab downloadable content from Aonuma’s own designs. Hyrule Warriors, which is a combined effort between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, is grabbing free and paid content as of today in North America and Europe. For $7.99, players will grab Link’s faithful Epona and an Adventure Mode while the free update deals out new enemies such as Wizzro and the black sorceress Cia. This is just the first wave of paid content for Hyrule Warriors as packs concerning Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess are a part of a season pass, available currently for $19.99 on the eShop. With this addition, Link and his faithful steed will be busy in Hyrule fields and on Mario Kart 8 tracks for months to come.

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2 Responses to "‘Mario Kart 8’ Content Could Come to ‘Legend of Zelda’ Series"

  1. Anyonomous person   October 17, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Am I the only one who is extremely upset by this? Link riding a motorcycle instead of a horse?! No one can honestly deny the fact that Link riding a motorcycle is very unfitting. Before you know it Nintendo will probably replace his bow and arrow with a laser gun, or replace his sword with a light saber.

    Zelda’s genre is supposed to be medieval fantasy, not futuristic or modern.
    For example, How do you think Star Wars, Star Trek, or Halo fans would feel if the series left the sci fi genre and became a completely different genre. If Nintendo is going to change Zelda’s genre this dramatically they might as well create a brand new series. Futuristic elements do not belong in the medieval inspired world of Hyrule.

    Yes, the series has pushed the boundaries of it’s genre in the past such as games like spirit tracks featuring trains, and “ancient robots” in skyward sword which clashed and were very unfitting to the series. It seems that Zelda is going in a new direction, and that direction will alienate the fanbase. it will put the series in an identity crisis. Zelda’s main genre is indeed medieval fantasy.

    “The whole premise of the Zelda series is about a princess in a medieval inspired kingdom called Hyrule being rescued by an elf in a green tunic. Hyrule is a kingdom filled with armored knights (castle guards and darknuts), magical wizards (wizzrobes), elves (korkiri and hylians), dragons (argorok and volvagia), castles (hyrule castle), horseback riding (epona),faries (navi, great faries), and orcs/goblins (bulbins, moblins). The gameplay it’s self is centered around medieval combat. Link uses a sword and shield (medieval weapons) to fight against enemies, he also uses a bow and arrow (medieval weapon) against enemies as well. He comes across items such as the ball and chain (medieval weapon) and magical wands and staffs (dominion rod, cane of pacci, ice rod, fire rod). It can be argued that Link carries gadgets that are outside of the mideival era such as the spinner, or hookshot, but those are still gear operated. Windmills are gear operated, and given the magic in the universe it’s not too much of a stretch.”

    Part of the reason I love Zelda is it’s magical fantasy setting, it’s what makes Zelda what it is, if Nintendo is going to kill that aspect, RIP Legend of Zelda series.

    • Kyle   October 19, 2014 at 9:37 am

      My god you silly child, this is simply and appearance of link in a separate genre and franchise and will have no impact on the legend of zelda franchise. You think it’s out of the norm for link to be riding a motorcycle but not the fact he is racing with characters like Mario, Bowser, toad, etc. Anyway it would be stupid for link to be riding a horse in Mario kart as it wouldn’t compare to the karts and bikes, if you don’t like the idea of link riding a motorcycle then don’t buy the dlc.

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