Milky Way Galaxy Is a Bad Neighbor

Milky Way

The Milky Way galaxy is thought to be a bad neighbor out in space. Astronomers who have been working with a huge telescope that is located in West Virginia have found that the dwarf star clusters neighboring around the Milky Way do not encompass any of the gases that are needed for the creation of stars. Scientists stated that the Milky Way is actually the galaxy that is drawing out vital gases from dwarf galaxies.

Information that has been gathered from numerous different large telescopes has led to brand new radio interpretations. Within a certain border that surrounded the Milky Way galaxy, the smaller spheroidal star clusters in the region do not comprise of any hydrogen. Past the border, the dwarf galaxies are full of hydrogen.

The Milky Way is the largest among a dense group of galaxies that are assembled together due to the tug of gravity. All around the galaxy are numerous different dwarf star clusters, with the smallest ones being the spheroidal galaxies that are believed to be remains of galaxy formation. There are also other minor but unevenly shaped dwarf galaxies that are located farther out that are not held back by the Milky Way’s gravitational attraction. Such galaxies are thought to be the newest objects out in space.

The unbalanced dwarf star clusters that exist farther away from the galaxy are identified as having contained large quantities of the gas known as hydrogen. It serves as the foundation for the development of stars. The new examinations, using the GBT, which is considered the largest steerable telescope on Earth, and other gigantic telescopes showed the formerly unproven theory that neighboring dwarf star clusters within a specific border do not encompass star founding hydrogen.

What was discovered was there was a strong breaking point near the Milky Way galaxy where dwarf galaxies were completely barren of any hints of hydrogen. This is why the galaxy is thought to be a bad neighbor out in space. It does not give, all it does is take. There is no exchange from the this star system to any of the others. It just continuously takes hydrogen away but never gives any back to other galaxies.

The border that is in question is around 1,000 light years away from the galaxy, and each of the dwarf star clusters located inside it are affected by the massive yank of the galaxy and the corona of hydrogen plasma where the galaxy is positioned in space. The drain from the Milky Way is enormous and shows just how greedy the star system the Earth dwells in really is.

Astronomers who have been working on the research project believe that the concentration of the aura of the galaxy  is large enough to strike influence on the configuration of the bordering dwarf star clusters. It is unknown why the galaxy does this but astronomers are trying to find out. This will, in turn, also help reveal the true size of the Milky Way’s corona. Regardless, the galaxy remains a bad neighbor.

By Kimberly Ruble


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