New Music: Indie Pop Princess Alice Sungurov [Review]

New MusicWith her new single, So Blind released in July 15-year-old Alice Sungurov is poised to become indie pop music’s newest princess. The summary So Blind comes as a follow-up to her first album, Beautiful, and introduces a new music  talent to the scene which promises to rival the likes of Adele and Ed Sheeran.

Sungurov’s debut album came out in 2012, which means the New Yorker was only 13 when it released.  Her eternally sunny outlook and positive lyrics belie a quirkiness and alt-rock sensibility which will make her interesting to a wider audience. Beautiful has a number of different styles within one album. The title track, for example, has an alternative flavor and also features her guitar skills, which tend toward folk stylistically, and are very advanced for her age. Alice’s vocals are what really set her apart, however. Her voice has a smoky depth to it which no one would suspect could come out of a 13 or 15-year-old. Her quirkiness also comes out in her vocal timbre and inflection, a little like Kate Micucci. The whole that is created from these individual parts makes Sungurov one to watch in not only as a new music star but as a new indie pop princess.

Sungurov aims to make her lyrics as positive as possible, as she wants to share her message that life is an adventure with a wide audience.  She says she is really inspired as she’s writing her new music, which almost always comes before the lyrics. “Having my voice be heard inspires me to write. When I write music, I write a story,” said the young artist,  “and then I hear lyrics come together with music and there is a moment where everything is paused, the feeling of content, the feeling of being complete. It is like reassuring myself that I know what I was meant to do.”  It seems to be a quite different process than many solo artists use, as Alice prefers to set her words to the music in her head, rather than the other way around. Either way it is almost dauntingly cheerful and definitely fun.

The new single, So Blind is an apt example of Alice’s music philosophy, but evolves away from the more folk tone of Beautiful and turns to electro-rock with the introduction of electric guitar and some really cool synths. Her lyrics, by contrast, have gone a little more pop on this single, but as a writer who on Beautiful dealt with some very mature and serious subject matter, a lighter interlude seems just the ticket. Her deep, commanding voice is still present in So Blind however, so fans will know they’re dealing with Sungurov, just trying on a new music style for a new single.

So far So Blind is a stand-alone single, as the high school junior is also an avid yogi and spent her summer in India travelling and practicing. It most likely will not be long before she will be once again be working on new music with collaborators John Bogosta and Phil Girlando on another body of work. In the meantime, So Blind is a fun, bright indie pop tune which can help kick away the fall doldrums. The single as well as Sungurov’s first album are available for streaming on her Bandcamp page, and a few of the tracks are available for free download via the source links listed below. With fun new music like she’s already produced, Alice Sungurov has a bright future in the music world, and it will be interesting to see her sound evolve and change as she gains new experiences from her travels and her unconventional yet positive take on music and on life.

Review by Layla Klamt

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