Nicholas Brendon Apologizes for ‘Unacceptable Behavior’

Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon has apologized for his “unacceptable behavior.” It follows his arrest in Boise after a hotel disturbance. Police were called by hotel staff after an altercation. Police believed he was intoxicated, and arrested him when he obstructed the investigation.

The actor, who is best known for his role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was in the Idaho city for the first annual Comic Con. He also plays recurring character Kevin Lynch in Criminal Minds. His assistant tweeted his fans to encourage them to see him for the convention, and later used the same Twitter account to update fans about the arrest news. Brendon has been charged with two misdemeanors so far; obstructing/resisting police and maliciously injuring property.

He has since released a statement to apologize for his arrest. He started with the simple words “I apologize” as a way to show that he is serious this time. He has disappointed not only his fans and family but himself with his recent behavior. It all seemed to be going so well, since the start of the month saw his marriage in Las Vegas.

Brendon used his social media profiles to get the apology for his “unacceptable behavior” out to his fans. It is becoming the best way to share news, information and apologies when things happen. The 43-year-old made it clear that there is no excuse, but that he could explain the situation a little.

He had been on a mixture of prescription medication due to a cyst growing behind his knee cap. It was causing pain, but would receive surgery for it on Monday. However, he decided to drink alcohol while taking the medication, which was unacceptable. It led to the embarrassing behavior that he now regrets.

Brendon also admitted that he is going back to rehab to help battle his demons. He has already done two stints in rehab, and a third stint was expected after the latest actions. The Criminal Minds actor first attended rehab for drinking problems in 2004 due to alcohol dependence. Six years later he returned due to alcohol and prescription medication addiction. He was taking sleeping pills at the time, but had become reliant on them. An arrest was also involved shortly before the 2010 stint, when he was charged with four misdemeanors.

When making the apology, Brendon stated that they do not show all the regret that he feels. This is just the start of his recovery. His words seem more genuine this time, and maybe that is due to his recent marriage to Moonda Tee. There are more people in his life that he could let down after this recent arrest. His statement also included the hope that his fans and family will offer their support and forgiveness while he seeks treatment for his “demons.”

Police stated that he was arrested after the hotel disturbance. Hotel staff claimed that the company would press charges for the breaking of a decorative plate. The full details of the altercation are unclear, but there could be more charges that the actor faces. For now, Brendon has apologized for his “unacceptable behavior.”

By Alexandria Ingham



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