Nick Cannon Exchanged Mariah for Jesus

Nick Cannon Exchanges Mariah for Jesus

Nick Cannon is not only over the union he had with Mariah Carey he also wants her name off his back. Weeks before the two joined their lives in marriage they went and got tattoos of each other’s name branded on their bodies. Nick tattooed a large script of “Mariah” across his entire upper back and Mariah took a more modest approach and had a small butterfly on the lower portion of her back with “Mrs. Cannon” scripted inside.

At that time many did not even know Nick and Mariah were dating when all of a sudden news of a private wedding ceremony hit the airwaves. Nick reportedly had a massive crush on Mariah for years and was ecstatic to marry the woman of his dreams. When asked about the tattoos Nick replied:

To me rings are special and exciting, but tattoos are more meaningful. They are forever and ever. They professed our love.

The couple now has a change of heart. Nick demonstrated this by covering up the large tattoo he had of his bride. Nick has taken Mariah off his back and replaced her with a huge image of Jesus on the cross. There have been several speculations as to what his choice of cover up might mean, but he has yet to clarify.Nick Cannon Exchanges Mariah for Jesus

It has long been said love makes people do foolish things and although it is quite common, some would say permanently marking the name of a romantic partner falls under that category. It is an honorable and sweet gesture at the time the branding takes place but if the relationship goes sour it could not only become an eyesore for the bearer but undeniably awkward for a new relationship. It is times like these that either covering up or removing a tattoo is the only way to go.

Nick and Mariah are not the first celebrities who went into a relationship thinking “to death do we part” only to wake up one day and realize the thrill is gone. Here are a few celebrities that found themselves in the same predicament of a relationship gone wrong:

Amy Winehouse: The late great singer had many tattoos but one in particular was the name of her boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil. Blake had her name tattooed behind his right ear while Amy branded his name across her left breast in a time of bliss only to have the partnership end in misery.

Johnny Depp: Johnny and Winona Ryder were seriously in love when he tattooed his right arm with the phrase “Winona Forever” before the celebrity couple called it quits. He had since changed it to read, “Wino Forever.”

Marc Anthony: This crooner was in love with Jennifer Lopez and tattooed her name on his wrist. The couple was married for seven years before they were divorced. Marc did not exactly remove the tattoo he revised and dedicated it to the new lady in his life.

Angelina Jolie: Angelina was married to actor Billy Bob Thornton in what was a highly publicized union for three years. She had the name of her then-husband tatted on her left shoulder as a gesture of extended love. Angelina had since revamped the tattoo to show the places and dates of her children’s births.

Rihanna: Ri-Ri was in a very public relationship with troubled singer Chris Brown. After the two decided to go their separate ways Rihanna had more than bruises on her body, she also had a matching tattoo on the back of her neck which she and Chris had gotten together. Rihanna did not get rid of the tat but instead added more stars to make it uniquely her own.

Many couples see matching tattoos as a symbol of eternity, connection and commitment. They feel branding their bodies in agreement is nothing more than taking a simple, “I love you” to the next level; far too often this happens even before the ring.

Nick Cannon and his former love Mariah Carey were no different. A few weeks before they tied the knot the couple took a leap of faith and branded their bodies with each other’s name. Their relationship is over and as a form of confirmation Nick has chosen to cover Mariah’s name with a large tattoo of Jesus hanging on the cross.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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