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Nintendo is a company with their fingers in just about everything video game related, and that includes a home console and several iterations of handhelds in the market today. However, many have criticized the company for sticking with the Wii U as their flagship console after tumultuous early sales. Now, it seems that the Big N is getting to work on a new system, but not one to rival Xbox One and Playstation 4, in terms of pure graphical horsepower. Those looking for this release soon, though, may want to tamper expectations as the Wii U and 3DS look to be here for the immediate future.

Nintendo has a job listing posted that is asking for a “lead graphics architect” for their Redmond, WA location. Among the listed requirements is the request that this person be proficient in evaluating the graphical infrastructure as well as output on “low power” processors. This person will also, apparently, be responsible for “setting [a] future graphics direction for Nintendo,” which seems like no small responsibility. This listing points to the company beginning the physical work on a new console, but the desired low power experience could mean that this is for work on a proper DS successor instead of a Wii U one.

Nintendo has had to deal with the question of new hardware raining down from investors and reporters alike since before the launch of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One last holiday season. Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo Japan and America, confirmed earlier this year that the company would be making new hardware to fill new markets, such as the newly-opened China one, but would not be selling current hardware at cheaper prices. Iwata also shunned the idea of their popular titles going to the smartphone crowd, saying that the quality would likely dip as “our games…are designed for our gaming machines.”

Another possible route Nintendo could be taking is down a Pokemon related highway and into a piece on concept art that accompanied a patent the company filed for in March. This patent looked to mix the upcoming Amiibo idea with Pokemon on a brand new, standalone console that allowed leveling and battling with a simple interface. Little was shown after the initial concept surfaced online, but this could be the mixture of Iwata’s new hardware, in new markets initiative, and the Amiibo boom that will be lowered Nov. 21 in America. It should be noted that this company has many patents that have never materialized into a physical form as well.

Nintendo, should this be a hardware successor to its handheld or home console market, probably will not be sharing any new information anytime soon. Since the original NES released, the company has kept to a fairly rigorous five-to-six year cycle between new home consoles hitting the market. The time between the Wii and the Wii U was among the longest at a few months over six years, but that schedule might be broken if the company feels a new console is sorely needed. Handhelds have come a bit more frequently for Nintendo since the DS was first introduced in 2004 as eight iterations on that design have come since the initial release.

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  1. An Tran   October 23, 2014 at 8:11 am

    They’re likely bringing out their 9th gen consoles in 3 years, so they job listing may be for that.

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