Nude Sleepers Are Healthy Sleepers

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The evergreen topic of sleeping in the nude continues to remain prevalent in conversation, as the act of doing so has actually been proven to provide a healthier night of slumber. Scientists have brought forth a number of examples that showcase how snoozing in the raw can benefit one’s health tremendously.

In many mediums of today’s world of entertainment such as Hollywood films and TV shows, sleeping nude is depicted as a very glamorous and often erotically sensual act. Although to many it may seem like nothing but a vain luxury, nude sleeping has a great number of scientific health facts that may spark one’s interest.

People make use of clothing all the time with different outfits for different ventures throughout the day. One will dress up for work or to go to a party, one may simply slap on some jeans and a t-shirt to hit the movies up with a friend or one will even don a pair of shorts and some sneakers to get in a morning hike. When it comes time for bed, most people feel no need to dress any certain way. With such an oppression from society for clothing to determine how certain people treat an individual, the ridding of clothes at the end of the day seems perfectly adequate.

Only one-third of the United States’ population will actually dress up for bed, putting on pajamas or a nightgown. Studies have proven that the constraint of clothing such as this and even clothes like tank tops and underwear can affect the quality of an individual’s sleep. The act of shedding every article of clothing and lying in bed with nothing but one’s birthday suit will have amazing results such as decreasing cortisol levels. The loss of cortisol is very beneficial, as the hormone is known to disrupt sleep cycles and even cause unwanted weight gain.

In sleeping nude, one will also increase growth hormones. These particular hormones will lower risks of heart disease and diabetes as well as repair tissue and increase the host’s immune system. Said growth hormones will also help a person build muscle quicker and stimulate the growth of internal organs.

It has also been stated that sleeping in a cooler temperature at night, preferable around 70 degrees fahrenheit, also boosts the anti-aging hormones and allows the body’s natural melatonin to flow smoothly, resulting in easer awakenings in the morning. If one sleeps in the nude, the body’s temperature will naturally be cooler than if one was wearing clothing.

Sleeping naked will help an individual on an emotional level in addition to the aforementioned health benefits. Allowing one’s self to be completely vulnerable without any clothes under the sheets has proven to show a gradual increase in one’s self-image confidence. Partners who sleep nude together will also develop a stronger bond, both emotionally and sexually as the skin-to-skin contact will release oxytocin throughout the body. Oxytocin is a human chemical that will increase one’s sex drive, decrease social anxieties and help establish and overall feeling of satisfactory euphoria.

Although some may not buy it, the truth is that nude sleepers are healthy sleepers. The proof is in the product, as the aforementioned benefits are only the surface of what sleeping in the buff can do for the body’s overall well-being.

By Cody Collier

Huffington Post

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