‘Once Upon a Time’ Recreates ‘Fantasia’

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The hit ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time featured many recreations of the famous orchestral cinematic masterpiece Fantasia in the show’s latest episode. Entitled as The Apprentice, the new episode highlighted many aspects from the age-old film that provided a heartwarming sense of nostalgia to the viewers at home.

Followers of the show will know that Once Upon a Time is the blending of a procedural television drama with many fantastical and enchanting elements. Although placed in the drama category, the series is full of comical moments that may seem cheesy and off-beat at first, but the subject matter has a tendency to grow on a viewer and even become a guilty pleasure. With ABC being a Disney-owned company, many of the trademark Disney characters and icons are plugged within the show.

Disney fans were ecstatic when it was learned that the mega-hit animated film Frozen was to play a part in the fourth season of the show which is now airing. The Once Upon a Time cast members are meshed in completely with the likes of Anna and her Snow Queen sister Elsa in an original storyline that picks up exactly where Frozen left off. Some fans may have thought the show had gone too far with basically making a sequel to the animated film within Once Upon a Time, but through the mass amount of Frozen inclusions, the main storyline for the series was not lead astray and flows perfectly in sync as one would have hoped.

The addition of Fantasia into Once Upon a Time was one that was unexpected, but executed very well. The new episode takes fans back in history to give a clearer backstory on some of the newly introduced characters. The deeds of the bittersweet Rumplestilskin are heavily featured as well, since the dark character has many unearthed secrets. An unseen sorcerer is spoken of very often throughout the episode and that sorcerer is undoubtably the iconic blue-robed Yen Sid from Fantasia.

One can solidify that fact because the apprentice of said sorcerer is seen guarding a device that holds something very powerful belonging to the wizard. Further along the episode, viewers see that the aforementioned object within the device is the very well-known triangular shape of the sorcerer’s starred hat – the very one that Disney fans have seen Mickey Mouse wear on multiple occasions.

More inclusions of Fantasia occur when the Once Upon a Time creators make very clever use of the apprentice character in the episode. Although he appears as a human defending the hat from the forces of evil, the apprentice is inevitably cursed by dark magic and is transformed into a mouse – an ode to the sorcerer’s apprentice version of Mickey Mouse, no doubt. The likes of the walking broomsticks from Fantasia are seen in the episode as well.

With the recreation of Fantasia in Once Upon a Time, viewers will be very curious to see what recognizable aspect of the Disney vault will be in the next episode. After slightly faltering in the assisted storytelling aspect in former seasons, the creators of Once Upon a Time seem to have reinvented their creativity and given audiences a beautifully nostalgic trip through memory lane. Once Upon a Time airs on ABC on Sunday nights and previous episodes can be viewed on Netflix and Hulu.

Opinion by Cody Collier

Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Parker Gabriel   October 24, 2014 at 11:41 am

    You wondered, then, why the real villain of the whole series did not appear.
    Say, on a steamboat named “Willie,” and as a semi-anthropo-morphic mouse (this mouse would have to be MALE) who said that his name was “not Mortimer. It’s Mickey.”
    Mickey the mouse would have to be EVIL, then, and HE would have to be directly blame for all the wrongdoing that had ever taken place in Storybrooke.

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