Oprah Winfrey Showing Support for Lindsay Lohan


Oprah Winfrey is showing support for Lindsay Lohan. The superstar of the talk show scene and adored personality went to London this weekend in order to watch Lindsay in her new production. Oprah was posting about the play on Instagram and mentioned both Lohan and the title of the production, Speed the Plow.

Lindsay was also posting on the social media site and stated she was thrilled have Oprah in the audience. She called herself a lucky girl and said that Winfrey was her fairy godmother. She appeared to be very touched by what Oprah had done for her. Lindsay seemed to be very happy that Winfrey was there.

Lohan has been working hard while she has been starring in the play by David Mamet. Speed the Plow also stars Richard Schiff and the popular production is a spoof dissection of the American film business, set in a trio of acts. It is said to be a very humorous play.

Lindsay has been starring in the play since September and so far, some of the reviews have not been that bad. One stated that the production was a work-in-progress and that was to expected, but added that Lohan had remained charming through the entire play. However, others have stated Lohan did not put forth an impressive performance. Another one mentioned about how the actress forgot her lines during an Oct. 2 show.

That did not stop Oprah showing up. It seems to show that she still has a lot of confidence in a woman who unlocked her life to the cameras on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s special series, Lindsay. It shows the Winfrey really cared about Lindsay and what happened with her.

There were eight episodes to the show and Lohan permitted cameras to shadow her around. All of which included a nerve-racking move to New York, numerous business meetings, and even a stunning confession that she had suffered a miscarriage during the series.

Although she confessed to some trouble during filming of the series, Winfrey remained confident about Lindsay. Even if her future remains unsteady, the star seems to be trying to stay focused on continuing both a busy, but also healthy lifestyle.

Lohan recently stated that each night on stage feels more comfortable and natural. She explained that everyone working on the production had been really great. She added that she adored the stage manager. She also stated that everyone had been very gracious, comforting, and kind.

So Oprah definitely showed she was not just friends with Lindsay while the cameras were turned on. Winfrey showed her support of Lindsay by going to London to see how Lohan was doing in her first performance post-rehab.

Sources stated that the previous talk show queen appeared like she was ready to burst with pride when she saw how far, Lindsay, age 28, had come. Lohan was very much touched by the gesture.

Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan was in the audience as well to give her daughter some support along with Oprah being there for Lindsay.

By Kimberly Ruble

The N.Y. Daily News
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The Daily Mail

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