Homeland: How to Continue Without Brody (Preview+Video)

HomelandHomeland is returning with its fourth season on Sunday, October 5 at 9 pm ET in the U.S. and on Sunday, October 12 in the U.K. Since the season 3 finale brought a shocking twist, many viewers are now asking themselves one main question: how will the show continue without Nicholas Brody?

The show began as a very taunting drama about bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison, who was trying to prove that Nicholas Brody was recruited by al-Qaeda and that he was a mole. In the second season, Brody was caught between secretly working with the CIA, in order to bring down his former boss and making the U.S. officials pay for killing innocent civilians in the Middle East. In season three, Brody eventually found out that Carrie is carrying his child, however, he will never meet his daughter, because he was hanged in the season 3 finale of the show.

Carrie and Nicholas were the main wheel of the show, so it will be interesting to see how she will fly solo in the fourth season. Not only that, she will now be a single mother, since she changed her mind about putting her child into adoption. Spoilers for the upcoming season revealed that Carrie is now a CIA station chief in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul and she is unable to take care of her daughter, since she works in a hot zone.

It seems like the creators of the show decided to give Homeland a complete reboot in season four, since Brody was the main character in the first three seasons. As previously mentioned, Carrie is now in Kabul, where she is leading drone strikes against the enemy with the intel, which she is getting from a shadowy agent (Corey Stoll).

Despite the fact that Brody is gone, the show still feels familiar, but in a different way. Homeland is back to being grounded again, in a way that it was during its first season. And it is finally allowing the plot to un-spool with Carrie’s investigation.

The trailer for season four revealed plenty of great scenes, but the thing that really makes this whole new Homeland interesting is that it is about consequences. What will happen now that Carrie is a mother? What will happen now as the Americans blew up a wedding party in order to get a terrorist? What consequences will bring the fact that Quinn kills more people in the line of duty? What will happen now that Saul is forced to join the private sector?

Even though Nicholas Brody is gone, Homeland is finally back to being all about the aftermath of terrible things while the war still rages. It is about people, who are trying to make good decisions, in order to atone for all their bad ones. It is certainly good to see that Homeland is back on track and that the creators managed to continue with an explosive season four, despite the fact that one of the main characters ended his journey in season three.


By: Janette Verdnik


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