Oscar De La Renta A Celebrity Behind Celebrities

De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta passed away on Monday Oct. 20th, 2014 in his home in Kent, Connecticut. He was 82 years old. He was well known in the fashion as being one of the most daring designers. He was, as stated, famous. Not many designers are actually labeled as famous. Fashion is an industry in which a dress is seen, a name is sometimes seen, but the only faces in fashion are the models that are seen in the spotlight. Oscar De la Renta was, however, a face to be seen.

De La Renta died due to complications of cancer, but cancer did not slow him down from the work that was needed to be done. He still kept working and designing dresses. He made dresses for many famous people; and many famous people adored him for it. Taylor Swift was the most recent to post a picture of herself in one of his dresses. He had been working since the 60’s and kept on until his death.

De La Renta had a business making jeans that got their fame in the 80’s and clothes for more of a higher class female demographic, but where he got his fame was from his red carpet pieces that vaulted his name to the tops of many celebrity lists. His dresses have seen four first ladies, a number of A-list celebrities, and numerous references to his name on songs, movies, and television shows. Most famously was his legend on Sex and the City, where Sarah Jessica Parker donned his clothes many times and brought his name to the spotlight.

A fashion designer always needs to look slick and fashionable when in public, and Oscar De La Renta was a face of gentlemen sweetness. Having been deemed the “Sultan of Suave,” he was known for dressing sharp and with some world-class style everywhere he went. The thing with De La Renta is that he liked to go where the party was at. He was actively being seen at Galas and parties and shows. Not only was his extraordinary style all over women’s bodies, but his own style made some heads turn with his slick suits, colorful ties and on-point shoes.

Among his works, that created such a name for Oscar De La Renta, were Jennifer Garner, Sandra Bullock, Ivanka Trump, Amy Adams, Penelope Cruz, and of course Sarah Jessica Parker. A few other names that might sound familiar that have represented for De La Renta are Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Jacqueline Kennedy. Any man that has his designs on a first lady, must have a name that speaks for itself.

Oscar De la Renta had an impact on more people than just celebrities and people that got to look at his works of art. Other designers wanted to be him, and models loved him and always wanted to represent him. He made women feel special on the inside and the outside. He wanted to love life, and life loved him and the name De La Renta is known by more than just fashionistas; he was well known to any woman out there that wanted to feel special. He was a celebrity behind celebrities.

By Evan Linneman


NY Times

Photo By PresidenciaRD – Flickr License  

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