Paris Hilton Slammed by Famous DJ

Paris Hilton has been slammed by a famous DJ, Deadmau5, who is one of the best known DJs in the world and tossed a little bit of anger Hilton’s way, by letting her know he felt she was a sham artist. However, in reality, the words Deadmau5 said sort of made him look like he was jealous of Paris.

The well-known DJ blasted Paris in his blog.  He stated that she was nothing but a lowly amateur who did not have any business trying to perform in the same settings as him and his peers. He exclaimed that it was totally insulting she even attempted to.

Deadmau5 related the DJ business to a race track, stating that if he just showed up there one day because he was dating one of the race car drivers, then started driving the track the next week because he was there. He said that even he knew his limits.

It seemed kind of strange that Deadmau5 would actually equate being behind a turntable to driving an Indy car but that is exactly what he did. He also said that Hilton was nothing but someone who sold tickets and was not anything more. However, if that is the case, and she is the reason that bunches of tickets are being snatched up, then where exactly is the problem at? If people are showing up to actually watch her and see what Paris is up to, is that not what promoters want?

Hilton reported went to her Twitter account soon after and sent out her own tweet that said she found everything very amusing when other people attempted to criticize her in order to get attention focused on themselves. She then added that she was sorry for “killing it” while doing something that she loved and also lived for. Who knew Paris was so into being a DJ?

Deadmau5 still does not understand how the event of Paris being a DJ was worthy of making the news. Maybe it was because she ended up making a bundle of money. One news source stated that she made nearly $3 million for working only four nights on a gig.

The DJ continued with thanking Hilton in a sarcastic tone. He stated that he wanted to give Paris a thank you and that he really was not angry at her enthusiasm over electronic music. He stated that DJs even were happy that she was a part of their party. However, he then added for her to get back in her play kart. He told her that there was no reason for her to show off that she had found some person who was dumb enough to actually pay her a million dollars to do something that the entire world already knew she was not any good at. He repeated again that she was nothing but a person that sold tickets and nothing else.

After Hilton had sent out her numerous tweet retorts, her fans stepped up and an excess of tweets as well that backed her and her career up followed soon after. Deadmau5, age 33, again came at Hilton and stated that if he wanted the kind of attention Paris enjoyed, he would go film a sex tape or engage in some carnal relations with a dentist. He noted that then he could be able to charge millions of dollars for root canals.

By Kimberly Ruble

Beta Wired
FOX News
Photo by Denise Truscello – Flickr License

2 Responses to "Paris Hilton Slammed by Famous DJ"

  1. The Dude   October 25, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    All DJ’s are hacks period. It doesn’t take talent some real musicians album on a turn table. If that’s all it takes I’m going to head on over to DJ Grandma’s house and I’ll rock out while she spins me some Benny Goodman…..

    • Don't care   October 28, 2014 at 2:28 pm

      It’s funny that they call deadmau5 a dj, when he doesn’t take the music of someone else and mix it up. Instead he produces his own songs, weird concept but believe it or not people still are capable of making their own music


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