Percy Harvin Traded to Jets for Conditional Draft Pick

Percy Harvin

Wide receiver Percy Harvin for the Seattle Seahawks has been traded to the New York Jets for a conditional draft pick. It is a surprising move for the Seahawks to make, considering since Harvin is a Super Bowl contender. However, Harvin just did not seem to be fitting into the Seahawk’s plans for the future. An apparent discord behind the scenes between Harvin and the Seahawks may have possibly led the team to happily unload him off the roster.

Multiple reports indicate that Harvin was not content with his role with the Seahawks and did not like the scheme his team planned to move forward with.Percy Harvin also had numerous off the field issues as well. He punched Golden Tate in the eye around the time of last year’s Super Bowl. He almost got into a fight with quarterback Russell Wilson. He also had an altercation with receiver Doug Baldwin shortly before the last exhibition game at Oakland . Both players ended up missing practices during that week.

One source revealed to a Pro Football Talk reporter that there was possible fear on the part of the Seahawks that Harvin may have had enough influence in the locker room to launch a full-blown mutiny against quarterback Russell Wilson. Some players may have resented Wilson’s utter devotion to the game, and decided to target him. That fear may not be far from the truth, as it is similar to why the Minnesota Vikings got rid of Harvin when he was badmouthing Christian Ponder, who was just beginning the starting quarterback position.Seattle may have had enough of Percy Harvin’s antics off the field and that is why they traded him to the Jets for a 2015 conditional draft pick.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the trade may involve an incident that occurred when Percy Harvin refused to go back into the game against Dallas. Harvin missed 11 out of 17 of Seattle’s final snaps. His refusal to go back into the game may have been a slap in the face to head coach Pete Carroll’s philosophy to always compete.

This trade may be a great deal for the New York Jets, who have been struggling offensively as late. Harvin is well-known to be one of the fastest wide receivers available if he can overcome the injuries that have plagued him constantly throughout his career. Harvin could possibly be the go-to guy down the field for Geno Smith to pass the football to. The Jets will have to decide quickly if he is worthy enough to receive the $41.5 million left on his contract, none of which is guaranteed.

They can afford Harvin’s salary, since they have a large salary-cap surplus to cover it. According to the NFL Players Association records, the Jets have the second lowest payroll and the lowest cash commitment for any team for 2015.  However, the Jets have had controversies with quarterbacks in the recent past, and it remains to be seen if they can handle a potential controversy with Percy Harvin now that he is has been traded to them in exchange for a conditional draft pick.

Commentary By Valerie Bordeau

 The New York Times
USA Today
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