Peyton Manning Joins the 500 Club

Peyton Manning

Today, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning joined a very exclusive club as he threw for his 500th career touchdown. This club is so exclusive that it has only two members: Peyton Manning and Brett Favre.

It only took one drive and over ten minutes, or 243 career games, depending on how one chooses to look at, for him to get to the monumental mark. It took Favre 289 games to reach the historical mark, which means Manning did it 46 games faster, just under three seasons faster.

The quarterback is no stranger to breaking records. Almost every time he steps on the field, it seems he is about to break another one. Whether it is the single season touchdown record that he set in the 2013 season, or the all time touchdown record which he will most likely break by the halfway point of the current season.

Manning has been voted to 13 Pro Bowls and been voted the NFL’s Most Valuable Player a record five times. He has been a Superbowl MVP, and taken two different teams to the championship game. He is sure to be a first ballot Hall of Fame player, and with a day like today, it is easy to see why. On a clear sunny day in Denver, he threw his way into the record books yet again. Down 3-0 in the first quarter, he hooked up with Julies Thomas in the red zone. It was Manning’s three hundred and twenty first touchdown in the red zone.

Since Tom Brady won the Superbowl back in 2001, Brady and Manning have been compared to each other, a comparison that has spawned arguments by sports fans across the world. Brady has more Superbowl victories; Three victories in five appearances compared to Manning’s one victory on three appearances. Brady also leads their head-to-head match ups by a large margin. No one can debate the individual accomplishments though. Brady has 359 touchdowns, almost 150 behind Manning, and with both players still in the league, it would be hard for Brady to ever surpass, or even catch up with the Broncos quarterback.

Manning orchestrated a signature drive like only he can. He drove the Denver Broncos down the field, one first down after another, until he punched into the end zone on a slant route to his tight end.

After he threw his way into one of the most exclusive clubs in all of sports, the question now becomes; what happens to the ball? Does he get to keep it for himself, or is already on its way to Canton, Ohio to the Hall of Fame, where it will be waiting for him on the day he undoubtedly earns his way in?

Manning threw the majority of his touchdown passes in Indianapolis, where he also spent most of his career. The bulk of his passes went to current Indianapolis Colts player Reggie Wayne, who had just finished up his game in a victory against the Baltimore Ravens. No word on if he was able to watch the historic pass as it happened, or if he has already sent congratulations to his former quarterback. Being a member of the 500 club is an amazing feat, with both its members well on their way to the NFL Hall of Fame.

Commentary by Andy Lapic

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