Proof Will Smith is One of the Sexiest Men on Film [Trailer]


The oh so sexy and debonair Will Smith has finally come back to grace us with his witty charm and boyish good looks. The engaging Mr. Smith can be witnessed in all his royal sexiness in the trailer for his latest movie Focus co-starring the beguiling Margot Robbie. It was whispered last year that the two were having an affair, but it seems like those simply were just rumors. However, the heat between these two talented stars certainly provides enough proof that the jocular Will Smith is without a doubt one of the sexiest men to appear on film.

When Will Smith first hit the small screen, he was already known as one half of the legendary rap duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. He soon landed his own show loosely based on his life. As the skinny, joke cracking, urban cousin who turns the life of his wealthy family upside down, he wiggled his way into the hearts of America. Over time he became quite the heart throb and was very popular with the young ladies. Once production ended for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air after six amazing years, Smith went on to become one of the hottest leading men in Hollywood. He took on a myriad of roles with varying degrees of success, but it was his winning personality and natural star power that rocketed him to success.Smith

It’s true that a few of his most recent roles left some people a little less than lukewarm, but this new role should definitely put all doubts to rest as to his ability to burn up the big screen. His body of work has shown the actor in various states of eye popping undress. His muscled frame and chiseled abs gave many fans reason to drool. He even bulked up to play the iconic role of famed boxer Muhammad Ali. That role alone was enough proof to cement Will Smith in his position as one of the all time sexiest men on film. Even his roles that were not meant to be sexy somehow still managed to show him in a very sexy light. Playing the hero in most roles certainly didn’t hurt that fact.

Will Smith seems to defy the passing of time as he continues to look amazing in all he does. His recurring role alongside Martin Lawrence in the Bad Boys movies were a prime showcase for his gorgeous physique. Fittingly, he played a sexy Miami Cop who took every opportunity to show off his masculine prowess. Die hard fans will flock to see him heat up the screen once again in this new venture Focus. He is not just smoldering in this new role, as the supporting actors and the flashy scenery help lend an air of excitement and danger to the film as well. Aside from his obvious attractiveness, he manages to still be quite funny and successfully pulls off emotionally heavy scenes that are very believable.

Smith is of course no stranger to infidelity rumors, but his marriage to the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith has continued to stand the test of time in spite of them. The lovely Mrs. Smith doesn’t appear too concerned when it comes to her husbands sex appeal attracting other women, after all, she is a pretty hot commodity herself. She has managed to keep him locked down despite the overwhelming proof that he is absolutely and without a doubt one of the sexiest men to ever grace the film screen. As Will Smith prepares to make his grand return to the box office in early 2015, fans will be waiting with much anticipation. Viva la Will Smith!

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