Pumpkins Go 2.0 With Modern Carving Ideas


Carving pumpkins is a longtime tradition that now has a modern take with creative, 2.0 style ideas for making Halloween displays go “boo!” Some of the most impressive carvings can take hours, even days to produce. The development of design templates, plus the ability to perfect one’s style of carving year after year, has produced a pool of pumpkin carving options any creative genius can use to design their masterpiece.

Pros on the pumpkin-carving scene suggest varying methods for approaching the task. Focusing on the details when carving pumpkins is one of the most important. Carvers can stay on the surface of the pumpkin or choose to hollow out the surface and make deep incisions. One can theme their design to pay tribute to their favorite movie theme, author, or even TV character. Some out-of-the-box examples include a Starbucks coffee logo, ‘Day of the Dead’ designs, and kid-inspired projects such as pumpkins with marshmallow mouths and licorice eyes.

Pumpkins Go 2.0 with Modern Carving IdeasStacking pumpkins to create a larger-than-average effect is another great way to surprise viewers. Use one pumpkin to be carved and shaped into the body, for instance,  cutting in a button up suit and tie, with one little triangle as the pocket. Stack on top of it the other pumpkin, securely mounted on top of the body portion, and carve it in the traditional manner, allowing it to serve as the headpiece for the design.

Now that pumpkin carving has reached a heightened level of personalization capability, those who choose to participate and go beyond the norm can decide to venture toward using modern carving ideas, 2.0 style. Some of the more contemporary ideas include hollowed out pumpkins with various colored lighting sources, minimalistic clean cuts, smile-only cutouts with fabric and bobble add-ons, and Picasso-like Art Deco designs.

One brand-new and increasingly favorable trend is the friendly pumpkin. Instead of creating a scary design, some carvers choose to provide their trick-or-treating patrons with a warmer, more family friendly welcome. This style works best with larger pumpkins that have a clean texture and they can be decorated with craft store embellishments such as flowers, pinecones, sticks, and rustic ribbons.

Another brand-new pumpkin display idea being utilized by Halloween decorating connoisseurs is the pumpkin wreath. Coming in a variety of sizes and styles, this design works best with mini pumpkins (finally something to do with those!). This type of creation is very easy to make and saves a lot of cleaning time.

Pumpkins Go 2.0 with Modern Carving IdeasReplacing the pumpkins carved teeth  design with plastic, Dracula style fangs is another creative idea one might want to consider. Try turning the entire pumpkin into a Pirates’ skull, carving several pumpkins into the style of tombstones making a gruesome grave marker cemetery in the front yard, or painting the exterior of the pumpkin with the dark, ghoulish color and topping it with a witch’s hat.

The list goes on as to what creative ideas can be explored this year as people prepare to share their spirit of Halloween with family and friends. Taking designs to the next level with modern carving ideas can help take a carver from beginner statues to the pro level by going tech and making this season’s pumpkins 2.0.

by Bridgette Bryant

Southern Living
Huffington Post

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