Ed Sheeran to Take Time Off After World Tour

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is looking to relax, and that is why he intends to take some time off following the wrap up of his world tour, which is set to end next year. The 23-year-old gave the statement in a recent interview that took place over the weekend of October 10th, 2014.

In the interview, Sheeran explains how he has not had any amount of time off since he signed his record deal in 2011, and therefore he is looking forward to taking some personal time to de-stress and look forward to the next point in his career. He says he is excited about finally getting some time to do the things he loves and not have to worry about work for a brief period.

As to what is coming next in his career, the England native says he is working on a much-anticipated Christmas track, although it will not be released in time for this year’s holiday season. He gives the reason for the delayed release as not wanting to appear too eager to release music and risk annoying the general public with a constant presence. He says he already has a track set up for release going into the Christmas season, a single entitled Thinking Out Loud, and to release a holiday tune at around the same time would be overkill in his eyes, given that his most recent album was only released a few months ago. In regards to the aforementioned single, Sheeran has stated that he feels it may be the last single of the album X, which was released back in June. This would mean that the total singles released off the album would amount to three, which he says would potentially help him follow the success of other high-profile artists who only released the same number. The artists he is referring to include Taylor Swift, Adele, and Bruno Mars. The redhead admits to releasing six singles off his debut album +, which he says he has since looked back on as being too much. He expresses his worry regarding release of multiple tracks off the same album, saying that people view artists who do that as pests that never go away and become aggravated by their music, which is not a situation he ever wants to find himself in.

Sheeran’s cautiousness regarding people becoming sick of him seem to so far be unwarranted, as his popularity has known little bounds since his 2011 debut. The album + was certified quadruple platinum in the singer’s home country, with the singles Lego House and The A Team gaining notoriety extremely quickly. He started to become recognized in the United States via his collaboration with country-pop crossover star Taylor Swift, which occurred on the track Everything Has Changed, released on her fourth studio album Red. He subsequently spent most of 2013 traveling North America as the opening act on the Pennsylvania native’s tour of the same name. He also gained the enormous support of One Direction fans after they became aware that he penned their number one hit Little Things, which opened up an entirely new fan base. Sheeran’s second album skyrocketed to first place on both the UK and US charts, earning him a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

It remains to be seen whether or not Ed Sheeran will get his wish of taking time off after his world tour wraps up. For the time being, however, the singer remains adamant that relaxation is the first planned activity following the end of his most recent album promotion.

By Rebecca Grace


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