Quantum Vibration: Changing the Mind May Change the World

Quantum Vibration

Energy is the only fully invisible and ultimately paramount power in the world and it is now being hypothesized that the effect energy has in the emitting of quantum vibrations may have the capacity required to change an individual’s mind and, thus, change their world. There is a new age of study amongst some quantum physicists that carries a more eccentric approach to the science and base the majority of its premises upon the idea that one can overcome anything with the mind. In this school of thought, more emphasis is given to the power and energy behind a single thought and when partnered with emerging ideas in scientific research regarding the composition of the brain,  such as the recent discovery that the spatial distribution between the genetic fibers creates a different genetic output of DNA, these eccentric ideas may not be too far-fetched.

Mental thought has been identified by scientists as having a specific physical composition which they refer to as quantum vibrations. Early this year, Physics for Life Reviews updated a controversial theory of consciousness published in the mid-1990s which contradicted the idea of quantum vibration. The change was made due to a recent discovery by authors Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose which suggested that the signal transmitted by brain waves emitted from a much deeper level of vibration than once thought. When put into perspective it becomes fully plausible to consider the probable power quantum vibration may have upon the mind.

When Einstein discovered his theory of the relationship between energy and matter (E=MC²), he explained the theory in more simple terms in one of his very popular quotes. It stated that if a man is sitting with an attractive woman for our time flies and it seems like it was only a minute. However if he sits on a hot stove for only a minute it seems much longer than in the hour ever could and, that, he defined as relativity. This statement makes a clear case for idea that the state of mind, if it is created by the waves of quantum vibration, is having a high level of impact upon a person’s perception of their own well-being and is, thus, indeed a deciding factor in their perceived quality of life.

If this is the case it offers a more understanding explanation as to why mental health patients often find themselves at a disadvantage because they automatically and subconsciously have an inaccurate perception of life. If quantum physics theories can explain how thought is relative to experience (thought energy to physical matter), perhaps a deeper understanding of quantum vibration can identify ways of changing the mind so those dealing with mental illness may also change their world.

Those ideas, however, are more metaphysical in nature in that they focus upon the form and formlessness of the electromagnetic field surrounding each and every individual and do not support the idea that the energy within the field be changed entirely simply by shifting thought. Many studies have been conducted that, at the least, proved the theories involved in the idea of quantum vibration cannot be fully disregarded.

One such study, conducted by Masaru Emoto, has gained traction over the last few years and generated much interest. Emoto studied the patterns within ice crystals formed by water which was exposed to a varying degree of positive and negative emotional thoughts. For example, he found that water that had been exposed to positive and encouraging thoughts produced clear, detailed water crystals and those that were exposed to statements such as “you are ugly” or, what he called the worst of all, were ignored altogether, lacked clarity and were without form. If his findings are later verified by yet another study, it will prove that it was the quantum vibration carried from the emotional message to the water that produced the like results in the water crystals.

The list goes on regarding findings, opinions and data showing that the mind may be the sole guide of every vessel. The question that poses itself in the case of people with mental illness is how we use this information to help them change their minds and experience the life they desire. With so many intricacies involved in the disease, mere shifts in thought may not be enough to create a new life experience as it may do so in the life of a person who does not have mental illness. Whether or not this is so remains to be seen but thankfully there are committed researchers and quantum physicists working to learn how changing the mind can change vibration, and thus, change one’s world. Their work is leading us toward obtaining a greater understanding of the relationship between energy and matter which could eventually lead us .

Opinion by Bridgette Bryant

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  1. mitri   October 12, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    unfortunately dr. emotos work has been disproven, even by the noetic science inst. which was set up to validate such findings.

  2. Darren Croghan   October 11, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    This article is riddled with errors! Why would a writer, professional or amateur, submit a piece full of sentence fragments and tense disagreements. The subject can easily be dismissed as incredible, the poor writing clinches the dismissal.

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