Reign Season Two Episode One: The Plague [Recap]


Reign is back on the CW channel, and season two, episode one was titled The Plague. It started where it left off in season one, with the new King Francis on the hunt for Lady Lola, and Queen Mary still at the castle dealing with the news of the outbreak of the Black Death. Many of the scenes in the trailer for season two were shown in the first episode, with others expected in episode two.

Reign started with Francis on his horse travelling through the plague-ridden land. He came across a family burying their dead, each of them with signs of the Black Death. It forced him to ride on as he went in search for Lola, who he and Mary fear will die in childbirth; Francis’ child. He does eventually make it to the cottage to find that she has given birth to a boy, but he does not want to go anywhere near it. All that matters is getting the child and his wife’s friend back to court.

Meanwhile, Mary and Catherine di Merdici are dealing with informing the court of the plague that is spreading the lands. It is up to them to keep everyone safe, especially when an outbreak happens behind the palace gates. They need to confine it as quickly as possible, but that is not all.

Mary is faced with an agonizing decision in The Plague, Reign’s first episode of the second season. Lord Edward, a nobleman in charge of signalling to bring grain, comes with a request. He would like another nobleman to be killed by placing him with the other plague victims. This is a man who has angered him, and it is either this man or the whole court.

The poor young queen goes up against Catherine, who wants to give into the nobleman’s request. Mary refuses, and arranges with Nostradamus to make Catherine believe she has the plague. It is now up to Scottish queen to handle the situation, and it is not the way that Catherine would. Edward realizes that this will be the case and takes matters into his own hands.

The family and man who Edward hates have gone into confinement, so Edward decides to spike the wine with poison. It kills everyone in the room, including Lord Castleroy’s daughter.

Poor Lord Castleroy had just found out that his daughter’s new love interest is Greer’s former love. Greer is now his fiancé and makes it clear that she is not jealous of their relationship. However, Leith made a promise to her last season on Reign that he would gain titles and lands, and she would grow to regret her decision to choose Castleroy over him. It leaves Castleroy worried for his daughter’s safety.

Outside of the castle, Francis comes across a distant cousin, who is sending his own mistress to the Netherlands. He offers Francis the chance to send Lola and her baby that way, instead of dealing with the situation at court. The king is happy to do it until he picks up the crying newborn. His heart warms, and he cannot bear to be left without his son around, which will certainly make it interesting for the rest of the season of Reign.

The episode finished with Mary finding out about the death of the family through poison. After Edward signals to bring in grain, she arranges for him to be sent to the catacombs with the rest of the plague victims. Episode one, The Plague, ended showing that Mary is not going to be a queen to cross in season two of Reign.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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