Haven: Much Ado About Mara (Recap/Review)

havenAll new episode of Haven picked up where previous episode ended. Much Ado About Mara starts back at the cabin, where Dwight and the guards just found Mara. As they try to take her, Duke explains that he will die and Mara is the only person who can help him. Dwight agrees to give them some time, however, when Mara helps Duke, the guards take control.

While they are still waiting for Nathan to bring the journal, Mara tells Duke that he must remember at least one trouble that is written inside it. She orders him to concentrate on that trouble and tells him that he will start bleeding as she cures him. Duke looks at her and replies that he will pretend that she is Audrey and that he trusts her. In that moment, Audrey comes back. She tells Duke that Mara can help him and that it is not his fault. However, Mara resurfaces before she can finish her thoughts. She puts her hand on Duke’s chest and he starts bleeding from his eyes. Few moments later, Duke is cured and he comes out of the cabin with Mara. Some of the guards want to kill her, but Dwight tells them that they need her alive, because she can cure the troubles. As Duke tries to say something, all that comes from his mouth is gibberish and nobody understands what he is trying to say. It seems like Mara gave him this trouble and whatever he says is complete nonsense.

Dave is released from the hospital and he is back at Haven Herald with Vince, who is still angry at him for not being honest about his roots. He tells Dave that he found out that Agent Howard arranged his adoption. Vince accuses his brother that he knows a lot more than he is willing to admit, however, Dave tells him that he does not remember anything that happened in the cave and that this time is lost for him too. Despite the fact that nobody seems to remember what happened down there, Dave is convinced that something terrible came out. His brother tells him that everything else failed and that it is time to visit the Iron Maiden.

Mara is in Dwight’s hands now and he is trying to interrogate her. He asks her why is she giving troubles to the people and Mara admits that she is doing it because it is fun. Dwight tells her that he knows about the aether and the fact that this is why she wants William back. However, Mara tells him that she can cure people with troubles and when she sees that Dwight does not believe her, she offers to cure one person.

Duke visits his friend Jodi, who also came to the cabin with the guards. She confesses that her husband Gavin did not run off, like she said he did. After Jodi got fired, her husband decided to take one more job, which was supposed to set Jodi and her family up for years. Despite the fact that the job was with Bill Dimeo, Gavin took the risk and he died. Duke cannot actually say anything to comfort his friend, since he still talks gibberish. Nathan is back, but he is hiding, because he does not want Dwight to see him. He tells Duke that they must help Audrey and they sneak into the cabin. Just as they untie Mara, Dwight and the guards catch them. Dwight orders the guards to lock Nathan and Duke up and then he brings Jodi into the cabin, because Mara promised to cure her.

It seems like Mara successfully cures Jodi, with just one touch of a hand. However, strange things start happening outside the cabin when Jodie leaves. There is no reception on the phones, dead birds are falling from the sky and water in the barrels is boiling. Dwight goes back into the cabin and tells Mara that he wants her to treat everyone in Haven. Mara wants to negotiate and tells him that she will cure everybody, but she wants her aether in return. Dwight is not in a mood for negotiating so he tells her that she can either help them or she can rot in his custody, with no guaranteed safety. The interrogation is interrupted as the guards come into the cabin to tell Dwight about the strange things that are happening outside. More birds start falling down and Dwight discovers that they are hard as rock. Suddenly, one of the guards starts screaming and his eyes get all white.

In the meantime, Duke and Nathan are cuffed and they are trying to find out what triggered Duke’s trouble. In Duke’s journal, they discover that this particular trouble was once before triggered by guilt and it seems like the same emotion triggered it this time too. Duke still feels responsible and guilty for Jennifer’s death and as he accepts the fact that he did everything he could to protect her, his trouble stops. He tells Nathan that this is the only thing that he felt guilty about and that nothing happened between him and Audrey in Colorado. He also tells Nathan that he saw Audrey and that she warned him about the trouble even before Mara gave it to him. Crocker manages to free them from cuffs, but once again, they get caught by Dwight. Nathan tries to explain to him that he should treat Mara as Audrey, but Dwight wants Mara, because she can cure the troubles. However, Duke reminds them that they should all work together to find out who is causing this new trouble. Dwight agrees and the old gang is back to solving the trouble problem again.

Vince and Dave visit the Iron Maiden, who is actually a psychiatrist. They want to find out what happened in the cave and it seems like Maiden can help them. Because they keep picking on each other, she decides to have one on one sessions and Dave goes first. Maiden hypnotizes him and Dave finds himself in a forest. As he is running, he sees a deer. The last thing he sees before he wakes up is the deer again, but this time, it is lying on the ground, dead, with bloody mouth. Maiden tells him that the therapy was not successful and as Dave leaves, she calls Vince. She tells him to come over there immediately, because she needs to talk to him. But before she finishes her sentence, Maiden gets attacked by some invisible force.

Back at the cabin, Duke is having a conversation with Mara. He believes that she released more than just one trouble, but he soon realizes that he is not responsible for the strange things that are happening outside. However, he discovers that Mara altered Jodi’s trouble, with one piece of aether that she had in her possession. Jodi is now transmitting micro waves, which are invisible, unlike the beams of light that exploded from her chest before. In the meantime, Dwight and Nathan discover the same thing, since all strange things started happening when Mara cured Jodi. Duke decides that he will find Jody and Dwight tells him to be careful. Crocker finds his friend and he tells her that her trouble got triggered because she felt guilty for Gavin’s death. However, he tells her that it is not her fault and that her husband would take the job in any case. Jodi realizes that Duke has a point and her trouble stops.

Dwight is furious when he finds out that Mara crossed him and he does not know what to do. However, Duke tells him that he saw Audrey and that she warned him about the trouble, even before Mara gave it to him. He thinks that if they bring Audrey back, she may also be able to cure the troubles, since it seems like she can now access Mara’s memories. Dwight goes into the cabin and he faces Mara. She tells him what she did and how she regrets not seeing his daughter die. Dwight loses it for a moment, but then he tells her that he now sees why Nathan wants Audrey back. Dwight suddenly changes his approach and he starts talking to Audrey. He says how he remembers the day she went into the barn and that he had never seen a woman so brave. Dwight also tells Parker that she is a real hero. He then remembers the moment when Audrey said her goodbyes and how she apologized about the mess. Audrey resurfaces and asks Dwight to help her.

Vince comes to Maiden’s place and she does not remember that they already had their session. However, Vince tells her that she called him because she wanted to tell him something important, but Maiden does not remember that she talked to him on the phone. Dave also comes there and as he apologizes for being late, Vince discovers that he also lost time. He tells Maiden to check her notes and she realizes that they indeed had their session, however, she stopped taking notes in the middle of one on one session with Dave. As she searches through her notes, she finds a page with only one word written: CROATOAN.

Back in the woods, Nathan is trying to figure out why Audrey appeared only to him, Duke and Dwight. He realizes that she loved three things: him, Duke and helping people with troubles. They now have the answer and this is how they will bring Audrey back. By throwing everything they got at her, the three of them may be able to reach Parker. They all assemble around Mara and they start treating her as Audrey. They are remembering their moments with her, but Mara is resisting. However, as Nathan hugs her and tells Audrey that he loves her, Parker appears once again. However, she cannot stay long, because Mara found out that Audrey is still present and she is furious. Parker tells them that Mara cannot cure the troubles, she can only give them. She also says that she cannot access Mara’s memory, she can only access to what she is thinking now. Audrey cannot hold on anymore and Mara comes back. She thanks them for letting her know that Audrey is still inside and she says that she will kill her right now.

Much Ado About Mara was another great episode of Haven. Emily Rose’s performance is simply amazing and the way that she switches between Mara and Audrey is quite stunning. Nathan finally managed to prove that Audrey is still inside and he is not alone in his plan anymore. Duke talking gibberish was funny and it surely added some humor to the whole episode. The way that Mara changed Jodi’s trouble was beyond genius and once again, Mara proved that she is smarter than she looks. And last but not least, the twist with Iron Maiden’s time loss was brilliant and the viewers of Haven are probably anxious to find out what kind of evil thing came from the caves with the rest of the gang.

Haven will not be airing on Thursdays anymore, instead, it is scheduled to air on Fridays, 7/6 c.

By: Janette Verdnik

Guardian Liberty Voice

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