Renee Zellweger Not Admitting to Plastic Surgery Like These Stars


Renee Zellweger stepped out at the Women in Hollywood event on Monday sporting what some have described as an entirely new face. There was so much chatter about her appearance, in fact, that the star felt she had to speak out and told People magazine that the reason she looks so different is because she has simply been living a healthier life. Still, many are not buying that explanation and believe Zellweger should take a page from the books of other stars who have readily admitted to plastic surgery.

One Twitter user wrote “Renee [Zellweger], I think thou dost protest too much. It’s healthy to admit the truth! #plasticsurgery.” Another tweeted “I don’t understand why Renee [Zellweger] can’t just admit she got some work done on her eyelids or eye area. She should just own it, stand proud!”

So, who are the stars that admitted it and owned it? Recently deceased comedian Joan Rivers was no stranger to speaking the truth and no stranger to plastic surgery. She had been quoted as saying when she died, her body would be donated to plastic company Tupperware and that she wished she had a twin sister so she would know what she would look like without plastic surgery. She had also been quoted saying that she was no different from any other celebrity when it comes to enhancing her looks through surgery. She said she did what everyone else in California did by getting such procedures as a nose job, a face lift (two for Joan) and botox, to name just a few, and people should in fact spend their money on themselves and what makes them feel good. “I believe in plastic surgery,” Rivers said.

Dolly Parton has also joked about her procedures, saying that if she sees something dragging, she wants to nip it. She has also said that she is not going to lie about it and if people ask her she will tell the truth. “I just say, ‘Yeah, whatever. And I ain’t done yet!'” the country crooner said.

Of course, Rivers and Parton may have had so much plastic surgery that there was no way they could ever deny it so perhaps they might as well address it and admit it.  Still, even Jennifer Aniston admitted to a nose job in 2007, supposedly to correct a deviated septum. Cameron Diaz also went under the knife to correct what she said was a broken nose in 2006.

Some stars have not only admitted to cosmetic procedures, but have even admitted to regretting it. In 2006, Jessica Simpson had lip injections only to say later that she thought it looked fake. Courtney Cox has admitted to Botox injections and said she regretted overdoing it on one occasion. Jennifer Grey has said her nose job made her “anonymous,” after removing the bump made her unrecognizable. Kenny Rogers misses the days when his eyes looked “warmer.”

Still, Zellweger can rest assured that it is not just notoriously vain actresses and singers and comedians going into the plastic surgeon’s office to change their looks. In 2006, Howard Stern came clean to fans, telling listeners of his show how he had a bump shaved from his nose and liposuction on his chin. In 2013, journalist Julie Chen told viewers of The Talk how in the beginning of her career she had surgery on her eyes to make them appear bigger.

If Zellweger did undergo any plastic surgery, she does not appear ready to admit the truth, even calling all of the talk about her appearance “silly.” However, perhaps she is taking a page from another queen of the knife, Cher, who while readily admitting to many procedures, has said “If I want to put my t*ts on my back it’s my business.”


By Jennifer Fernicola Ronay


Photo by Guise Archives – Flickr License

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