Renee Zellweger Says New Face Is Not From Plastic Surgery

Renee Zellweger

According to Renee Zellweger her new face is not from having plastic surgery. She claims that is a silly idea, and is just due to her age. However, many fans are still debating the issue considering the dramatic change.

The Bridget Jones actress debuted her new face at the Four Seasons Hotel, California for the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday. It was a shock to many, as nobody recognized her from her Bridget Jones days. It led to many speculating that plastic surgery was involved, but the actress says that that is “silly.”

The 45-year-old told People the day after that people were not getting off her porch. They wanted to know all about the plastic surgery that she had, even though it is not the truth. So how did Zellweger end up with a completely unrecognizable face?

She claims that it was all due to her health, and she is happy that people see the difference. She has a very different life now, which is more fulfilling and happy, so is very happy that it shows. The change came because she needed to change the chaos around her. She needed a slower pace, and to concentrate on her health. Friends now claim that she looks more peaceful and healthier.

Zellweger says that her new face is definitely not from plastic surgery. She has simply done away with the hectic schedule that was not sustainable or realistic for her. There is more time to look after herself, rather than running herself down. She no longer feels exhausted, and believes that comes across with her new look.

This is not the first time the Chicago actress has had to defend her actions. Last year, many speculated that she was suffering from some type of eating disorder. She found it disappointing and unfair that the media would focus on such an unpleasant and false accusation. Reading reports that said she was either too fat or too thin was not helping her.

She disappeared out of the limelight for a while, and has now stepped out with this very new look. There has been a mixture of comments from plastic surgeons about whether she has or has not had surgery. While some believe she has had an eyelift, others believe that it is natural.

Dr. Alex Karidis believes that there could have been an upper eye lift involved. He explained to The Daily Mail that there is a smaller distance between the eye and brow now, suggesting that the eye lift is probable. He also commented on her smoother forehead, which would suggest Botox is involved.

However, there are non-surgical treatments that she may have had to help give the differing appearance. Dr. Karidis stated that ultrasound therapy may have helped to make the skin firmer, and the dead skin cells could be removed by a medical grade facial to give the healthier appearance.

Zellweger claims that she just has a healthier life, and some of that means going to the gym. She has been a focus for speculation for many years due to her fluctuating weight for her role in the Bridget Jones’ Diary movies. However, according to Zellweger, she has definitely not had plastic surgery to get her new face.

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  1. adamofmars   October 22, 2014 at 7:24 am

    it really isn’t a dramatic change from photos in the last 5 years. the biggest change is her complexion. it’s darker and smoother. she’s been getting a lot of sun and aging naturally. we’ve gotten so used to ‘aging plastically’ that ‘aging naturally’ looks odd on a hollywood star.

    i think she’s a real cougar!

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