Revenge: Repercussions (Recap/Review)

RevengeIn the previous episode of Revenge, Emily finally found out that her father is alive. However, the creators made a big mess and they managed to complicate the whole situation, so that Ems and David stayed separated. Much to the viewer’s disappointment, the Repercussions episode again failed to reunite David and his daughter.

The entire Repercussions episode was a mouse and cat game. Victoria playing with Emily, Charlotte playing with Jack, Emily playing with Margaux and Louise playing with Daniel. The episode opens with David, who visits Amanda’s grave and after he gets back to his hotel, a man with a moon tattoo on his hand almost runs over him with a car (the same man walks out of a night club with Charlotte at the end of the episode). However, David survives and Emily is convinced that Victoria hired the driver, so that she would scare David and get him to leave the Hamptons.

Emily is still trying to find a way to get to her father and she even asks Charlotte for help. Well, her sister became a true Grayson and instead of helping Emily, she takes David to meet his grandson. Emily is happy when she gets a text message from Charlotte, saying that she can come up to David’s room, but when she gets there, Victoria is waiting for her. Vicky tries to play mind tricks on Ems, as she tries to convince her that David will hate her for everything that she has done in his name. Jack is surprised when he sees David and he is really uncomfortable, since he is forced to lie about Amanda. Next day, Porter visits Charlotte and he tells her that she is worse then her mother – she is like Conrad.

After he met his grandson, David visits Nolan and he asks him if he gave Amanda his journals and the money. David confesses that he is scared, because he is loosing his memories of Amanda. Nolan tells him that he must be careful and that he must chose wisely who to trust. Well, after Nolan tells Ems that her father came over, she comes up with a plan, since David Clarke obviously needs Amanda Clarke. She is determined to get her father away from Victoria, so she visits Margaux with a proposal. Well, Ems’ plan includes Daniel, who visits David and tells him that the deed for his house was paid. Apparently, Daniel wants to repay for his father’s actions by giving David his old house back. However, this is all a part of Emily’s plan, who just wants David back home, where he can remember Amanda, plus, he is away from Victoria. Margaux gets an exclusive story when David comes to the house and it looks like everyone got what they wanted. Except for Victoria, of course, since she is separated from David now.

Meanwhile, Louise seduces Daniel, who actually tells her that he is single. Louise later finds out that he was lying, but she decides that she will let him to continue his job with her portfolio. Well, after she leaves, she gets a very creepy look on her face and she is obviously disappointed that her plan failed. It looks like she will not be joining the Grayson family after all.

Emily, Jack and Nolan are celebrating their victory, since they managed to bring David home and get him away from Victoria. Suddenly, Ems hears something and it appears that David is listening to his favourite song, the one that he and Emily used to dance to. Well, she tells her friends that she will give her father time to recover, before telling him the whole truth. However, David starts remembering Amanda and the Repercussions episode closes with his promise that he will revenge her death.

Well, just like the Meteor episode, the Repercussions episode also brought a lot of disappointment. The creators of Revenge are just complicating things and this does not make the viewers happy at all. Emily could not wait to finally see her father and now she decided to wait with the reunion, because he needs time. Yes, 10 years were not enough for the two of them to be separated. Furthermore, it seems like David is stepping into his daughter’s shoes, since he will be the one to have revenge now. The fact is that Revenge is becoming way to complicated and if the creators keep on stalling with Emily’s and David’s reunion, they will start loosing their viewers.

By: Janette Verdnik


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