Richard Sherman Has Found a New Target


On Monday Night Football, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Washington Redskins 27-17. The defending Super Bowl champions improved to 3-1 on the season coming off their week three bye. The ailing Washington Redskins dropped to 1-4 and last place in the NFC East. After the game ended, the outspoken Seahawks cornerback had some choice words for Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon. “Pierre does not matter in this league.” Richard Sherman seems to have a new target for his outspoken personality.

Richard Sherman became a household name following last year’s NFC Championship game after attempting to shake hands with 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree and getting a slap in the face, he went on rant to ESPN’s Erin Andrews stating that Crabtree was mediocre and that he was the best cornerback in the game.  Many across the country who had never heard of Sherman believed that he was a thug, and reached out on social media condemning him and the league for his actions. In reality Richard is a pillar of both the Seattle community and his home town of Compton California. He hosts the largest celebrity softball game in the league, and all the money goes to charity.

This recent outburst seemed to stem from a play in the game in which Garcon can be seen pulling Sherman down by his hair on an incomplete pass. Garcon was held to just two catches for 23 yards on the night. The Redskins number one receiver DeSean Jackson was not held to such low numbers. Jackson had five catches for 157 yards and one touchdown.

Sherman has otherwise been relatively quiet this season when it comes to the media. Sherman has found a new target, it seems for now. After week one in which Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers did not throw towards Sherman once the entire game, Sherman simply took to Twitter stating, “I was getting bored.”

In week two, following a loss to the San Diego Chargers in the 120 degree heat, Richard was criticized by the media, including social media, for not being available to talk. Sherman disputed that claim stating that once he got out of the shower Earl Thomas was being interviewed in the locker next to him. Sherman got dressed and walked out of the locker room and no one approached him. He claims he signed a few autographs on the way out, and was not asked for an interview.

In week three, the Seahawks played the Denver Broncos at home. This Super Bowl rematch was eagerly anticipated by the Broncos in order to redeem themselves after the 43-8 dismantling by the Seattle team. The week three match up proved to be much closer as it went into overtime.  Unfortunately for the Broncos, the final result was the same as Russell Wilson led the Seahawks down the field 80 yards and Marshawn Lynch dove over the goal line in the first overtime possession. After the win, which saw Peyton Manning lose on the sidelines without ever stepping on the field in the extra quarter, many are now rethinking the overtime rules.

The standout cornerback had nothing but praise for Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson who beat the defense for a score. It should be noted that Jackson and Sherman grew up in the same neighborhood and have been friends ever since. It is not known if the feud between Garcon and Sherman just started on Monday night with the words exchanged and the hair pulling, or it was something that had been brewing for awhile.

Either way, it would be hard to prove that Garcon does not matter in the league where he is seven year veteran. Last season for the Redskins he hauled in a career high 113 catches for 1,346 yards. Garcon took to twitter posting an image stating “Silence is the best reply to a fool.” Garcon had not realized that by posting that, he was in fact talking back to Sherman. It has not always worked out the best for his targets in the past, with Sherman using his Stanford education to outwit them. Only time will tell if it will be different for his new one or not.

Commentary by Andy Lapic


LA Times

Pro Football Talk


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