Ricki Lake to Divorce for Second Time


In the predictable conclusion of most Hollywood marriages, Ricki Lake set to divorce husband of two years, Chris Evans, making it the second divorce for both. After filing for legal separation October 9th, Lake officially filed divorce papers in Los Angeles a week later citing the uninformative “irreconcilable differences.” The pair both have children from previous marriages, but did not create offspring together. The Business of Being Born documentarian has one dog, Pacha, with Evans.

The pair met in the summer of 2010 after spending time together and forming a bond. After a previous divorce from Rob Sussman in 2004, Lake did not expect to get married again. She has two boys, Milo, 17, and Owen, 13, from that previous relationship. Her relationship with Evans flew under the radar until the two eloped in April 2011 after an eight month engagement. Lake mentioned feeling that their relationship just clicked, and that Evans was a normal guy who meant everything to her.

So what happened to cause the split? Life and Style Weekly is reporting that Evans requested they transform their relationship into an “open marriage” which Lake was decidedly against. Other sources reveal that Evans was suffering from bipolar disorder and his actions had begun to worry those closest to him. So far, both have remained silent on the dissolution of their marriage and the cause of their divorce.

In a departure from the typical Hollywood divorce, on her second time around, Lake is offering to pay Evans spousal support which coincides with statements from close friends that he had been homeless and living out of his car. While unusual, Lake’s generosity is easily explained by her own very successful career as a talk show host from 1993 to 2004, and her acting career starring in pop culture favorites like Hairspray (1988) and Cry Baby (1990). Not to mention to widely popular documentary Lake produced in 2008 which details the economic motivation fueling rises in unnatural childbirths and the benefits of home birthing. For his benefit, Evans is a jeweler which simply means that her money supported their relationship almost entirely.

Back in 2011, the 46-year old discussed her decades long struggle to lose weight and keep the pounds off with ABC News, adamant that she was not to be considered a diet expert. She managed to lose 100 pounds in six months and help advance her career out of a slump caused by her size. Lake has kept the weight off now through the birth of her second son. A brief resurgence of her talk show career ended after one year with views not topping one million, putting her at the bottom of the day time talk show rankings.

Nevertheless, and despite the pain of her personal life, Lake presses on with persistence and a renewed commitment to herself. On her twitter page, she joked that the one good thing about going through a break-up is all the pounds she will lose. Going through divorce for a second time has to be difficult, but Ricki Lake is handling it with remarkable strength and tenacity that we have seen from her time and time again. She just keeps bouncing back.

By Didi Anofienem


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