Rod Stewart Being Sued by Fan With a Broken Nose [Video]

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has recently had the spotlight for an unusual lawsuit brought against him for something he supposedly did two years ago. Stewart is currently facing a lawsuit from a fan who claims that Stewart broke his nose at a show in October 2012 at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. While the claim is unusual, it does seem credible and Stewart may, in fact, end up having to pay.

For those who have attended a Rod Stewart show it is said that he, the soccer fan, is known to kick autographed soccer balls into the audience during the show. Though he has supposedly done this many times before, one kicked soccer ball may now end up costing Stewart, perhaps more than it was worth. While Rod Stewart autographed soccer balls go on eBay for anywhere from $275-$300, this particular soccer ball may end up costing Stewart at least $10,000, if not more. Though hundreds of thousands of people attended that show in October 2012 Rod Stewart is now being sued by one particular fan who attended the show and left with a broken nose.

Mostafa Kashe, a resident of California, attended the show with his wife during their trip to Las Vegas. He is now claiming that one of the soccer balls kicked into the crowd gave him a broken nose causing him to have to undergo cosmetic repairs and spend time away from work. He filed papers in Nevada suing Stewart for negligence of intentionally kicking multiple soccer balls into the crowd. The papers filed also stated that Stewart, who has experience in the sport of soccer and has previously tried out for professional soccer teams, should have known that kicking soccer balls into the crowd could potentially cause harm. Mr. Kashe claims that he is still undergoing medical treatment and suffers from damages that may be permanent.

Kashe has also filed a claim against Caesar’s Palace and AEG live for their promotion of Rod Stewart during the show. He claims that they knew or should have known that Stewart was kicking soccer balls into the crowd without warning, as part of his show. Stewart has allegedly been kicking autographed soccer balls into the crowd at his concerts for over 20 years.

While many fans appreciate this part of the show, keeping their autographed soccer balls as memorabilia, Stewart may no longer be able to continue this tradition during his shows. If the lawsuit is successful, not only will Stewart have to pay whatever amount is deemed from the lawsuit, he may also have to quit kicking soccer balls into the crowd if it is deemed that this action poses danger to any other fans. Though Rod Stewart was recently reported saying, “The show would not be the show if I stopped kicking out [sports balls]. It would be like not playing Maggie May.”

Rod Stewart is still currently performing at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada and is set to be touring Australia and New Zealand in 2015. Currently, no dates have been set and no further information has been released on this unusual lawsuit brought against the singer.

By Crystal Boulware

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