Scandal Season 4 Episode 4: Most Shocking Moments (Recap)

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Scandal, ABC’s hit drama returned yesterday for what was easily the most dramatic episode of its fourth season. The Shonda Rhimes creation was previously fairly anticlimactic since it returned to the air this season. The episode, titled Like Father, Like Daughter, proved to be more in line with the complex plot twists normally associated with the ABC series. Intricately woven story arches have been a heavy fixture on Scandal since the beginning, and viewers have grown accustomed to the constant state of flux the show’s plot exhibits. Here are the top five most shocking moments of the latest episode.

Olivia Receives a Crisis Call From Fitz’s daughter
Of all the people who Liv has agreed to help at OPA, Karen, the president’s teenage daughter was by far the last person viewers would have expected to become a client. At the beginning of Scandal, Olivia sits down at her home to dine with Jake, when she gets a phone call. She immediately cancels her dinners plans and heads to a wild party with Quinn. As she scrambles to the bedrooms, the audience learns that Karen is drunk and high. She needs help escaping the apartment without being seen, photographed, or recorded. Liv manages to secure a chopper and sneak out the an exit without many noticing Fitz’ daughter, however, she uses Huck to hack and jam all the cellphone service in the area, so that there is no evidence that Karen was there. Unfortunately, upon arranging a chopper, Liv discovers that there is sex tape of Karen with not one, but two boys.

Even the president can be blackmailed
OPA tracks down the boys on the tape, but one group of parents played hardball. Olivia is shocked when the parents of one of the boys blackmail her and the president into agreeing to a $2.5 million settlement, not to release the tape. Fitz’ hands are tied and he eventually agreed, only for Liv to find our the parents have decide they now want more money. This infuriated her and she pulls off a great speech about their exploitation of children. Olivia explains how she specializes in spinning media and socially burying people, the parents wise up and agree to sign non-disclosure agreements. Needless to say the potential scandal was once again handled by Washington D.C.’s greatest fixer.

Olivia and Fitz kiss
Scandal lovers knew it was inevitable before Olivia and Fitz sexual tension would boil over. After Fitz asked Olivia to help him track down the boys on the sex tape and get them to turn it over, he kissed her and tells her how hurt he was when she disappeared for months. Eventually, Olivia explains that she did not leave alone and that Jake had accompanied her. The President wallows in self-pity about his failure as a husband, father, and man.

Rowan puts out a hit on Jake
Rowan has made it abundantly clear that he intended to eliminate Jake. He ordered Agent Tom to kill him, but Jake, knowing his old B613 boss, remained one step ahead. He managed to elude a car bomb and an impatient Rowan proceeded to confront Tom about his inability to execute the order. Jake attempts to turn the tables on Rowan by entreating a reluctant David Rose to turn over the B613 files in order to implicate Rowan. Tom agreed to back-stab and inform on Rowan, after Jake convinces him he will kill the both of them because of their knowledge regarding the death of the president’s son, Jerry.

Rowan sets up Jake Ballard
When the news breaks that Karen slipped her Secret Service detail to get to the party, Fitz ordered investigations into all of his staff. At the head of the chopping block is Agent Tom, despite his close relationship with Fitz. Only Jake, Tom, and Rowan are aware that he is inside member of B613 and subject to orders from command above his service to President Fritz. When Tom’s whereabouts are questioned during an interrogation, Rowan flips the script in typical Scandal fashion, arrives in the room, and forces Tom to lie. Under pressure and fear, he implicated Jake as the person who ordered him to access the meningitis strain and kill Jerry. Ultimately, Jake is apprehended and a naive Fitz is enraged, unbeknownst to the fact that Rowan was responsible for ordering the murder of his son.

If these instances were not shocking enough moments for Scandal viewers, then perhaps next week, when Jake’s fate is determined will deem more exciting. While Season 4, Episode 4 served as a reminder of the intensity the politically infused drama exudes, there is no telling what is in store for the future. Scandal Season 4 returns to ABC with a new episode next Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.

Opinion By Brandon Wright

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